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  • 24 weeks
    I guess there is no point

    I guess there is no point for this blog, the show has ended and I have changed a lot as a person since I joined this fandom, I only really come on here to go into the forums of the unsafe space and maybe that’s just it now, one day I’m sure this site will fade away but the memories I had here will not and I regret nothing

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  • 78 weeks

    I only really come on here to post in forums, I don’t really read fan fiction anymore but I still enjoy this community,
    Thank you all for your time, but enough about me, when this site eventually goes away and we all know it will one day, I want you guys to know I will never forget the fun memories this site gave me,

    Have a great day or night, :)

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  • 124 weeks
    7 years

    I became a brony in 2011 and I joined this site May 7th 2012 and I’ve made friends, and I’ve lost friends but all that matters now is I have no regrets about anything and I now have an active career in commercial diving and have achieved my goal in life for that,

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  • 132 weeks
    I’m good now

    All fine

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  • 132 weeks
    Not feeling well

    Feeling suicidal

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What i have been up Too · 4:16am Jun 25th, 2015

Man it feels weird coming back to this site. I have had such a long absence and just got on with my school work and my life. I remember when i first came on this site. It was back right before I graduated 8th grade And a couple of months after my Friend told me to watch the show and I fell in love with it, binge watched all of season 1 on one rainy day, and i remember when i was working on season 2 i ran to my friends house who lived down the block form me and banged on his door asking him "where is the next episode? i cant find it!" and he replied saying that it hasn't come out yet and at that moment i realized that i was a Brony.

Well that summer i was in the process of moving and the only entertainment i had was this site and reading the great fan fiction on this site and engaging on it, well in my stupidity I got banned at least once for first post (back when that was a rule and still is a rule) and two other occasions that I have long forgot, but other than that, these stories and the people i meet were awesome. other than my friend who i moved away from i have never ever since him found any actual bronies in person and that is why i turned to this site to socialize becuse i just couldent where i lived. i focused on my school work and fast forward to today where im going to be a Senior in 12th grade Going for his Certification in Welding. It just amazes me that mlp will have been out for 5 years i cant belive i have been on this site for 3 years and stayed for a good majority of it and i enjoyed the ride. But i just dont have time like i used to and im focusing on other things but i will never leave this site forever unless i die. I have made other brony friends and Pegisisters though my time playing on PSN and that is how i got my oc drawn on my profile pic. IT is of My OC Howitzer which was featured in this Magnificently well done story and i Also changed my name to match my PSN ID of Fmdragon47 add me and we can play on PS4 my brother plays PS3 now and stuff I upload videos to my gaming channel Fmdragon47Gaming subscribe to see more of my videos and if your interested. Also Happy birthday to me on the 4rth of july :rainbowdetermined2: turning 17 and getting a Rugger MINI 30 :rainbowkiss:

I thank everyone who read this blog and who have followed me for i dont know why but thank you :). I will be going to Bronycon 2015 in Baltimore MD hope to see you guys and gals thier tell me if your going in the comment section and feel free to ask me any questions you wand about me and what i do. Thanks for providing an awesome experience guy and hope to see you soon :yay::rainbowdetermined2:
Sorry about the grammar

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