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Attack on titens · 3:16am Jun 25th, 2015

Is gross. I haye it. It full of bubch on naked flesh guys running around killing people and they look like there hugh as buck. Plus it has comic

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Comments ( 20 )

3179784 :fluttercry: but i just stating mu opinion...

Comment posted by Tavi4 deleted Jun 25th, 2015

3179817 why are u using that scary face...:applecry:

Sorry. I thought that was better. I like Attack On Titan.

3179854 but y are u attacking me?


It was an image of a grumpy bloke. How am I attacking you?

3179879 ur scaring me becuz i don't like attack on titan

So, let me get this straight, it is my fault that Attack On Titian scares you?

3179894 no u use the scary face to scare me

:facehoof: Come now, it's not that bad.

I gathered.

3179904 why are u saying that like that

Well, it is rather obvious.

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