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I am the guy who writes the Equestrian-Marvel Universe. If you don't know what that is, take a look at The Iron Mare. Oh, and I write other things.

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Flutterhulk is Done · 9:13pm Jun 24th, 2015

I finished it! I finally finished it!
By now, you've all probably noticed the 'completed' tag under The Incredible Flutterhulk. It was a great ride, but now it's come to a close. At least that one has.
The next one in my Equestrian-Marvel Universe (EMU) is the much more anticipated Iron Mare 2, and it's already a fun time to write. Once I get close to wrapping it up in writing, I'll post little previews in this blog. At first, it'll be the description, then the prologue chapter, leading up to the release of the final project after editing on a chapter-per-week basis. This should avoid the same problems I had with getting work out for The Incredible Flutterhulk.
Now, this part has nothing to do with my EMU stories, but rather the ones I was writing beforehand. I had a whole series planned out, lots of stories, lots of different adventures, basically trying to put together my own version of the show with my OC. Going back and reading over the first few stories like that, I realized they were on the low en of my writing capabilities. To those of you who think this means I'm going to take them down, you are very wrong, because that is something I'm not sure I'll ever do. However, given the project I'm giving most of my focus to and that I'm going to have to go back to those and re-write them, I am temporarily discontinuing both the main series with my OC and the Nightmares Saga. The former I might end up leaving the re-writes up and simply ending it, since I just don't feel the same stories for it. The later, however, will have a complete revamp done, still involving my OC, but hopefully with better writing and story along with something so I'm a bit more compelled to write the saga than I currently am. But right now, I'm focusing on the EMU and I just can't do anything with those stories yet.
All of that being said, I look forward to giving all of you a strong universe to read and enjoy and hope to see you all relatively soon in Iron Mare 2.

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Didn't you say a while back that you actually do have some of Iron Mare 2 already written?

3179756 That's why I said it was already fun to write. It's not much, anyways, but I'll send you off what I have once I wrap up the chapter I'm currently working on.

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