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A few hobbies of mine would be animating, drawing, and writing. Wouldn't it be crazy if I got a job that includes one of those in the future? ...Pfft... Naaah....

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    the reasons for this was originally that i was working on another fanfic for another fandom (steven universe), but i can't say that's the reason anymore.

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    That new episode though

    I don't know why, but I got a sense of deja vu.

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    Not at all.



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Leaving next week (& other updates, along with NENH preview) · 12:12pm Jun 24th, 2015

I'm gonna forget to give a heads up last minute, so I'm posting this three days before I leave. I won't be here next week (from Sunday morning - Friday) because school trips and stuff. So, obviously, I can't post or look at anything for that week, since I'm not aloud any source of internet where I'm going (pray for me :raritydespair:)

Now, updates on stuff.

First, No Elements, No harmony. I finally finished the chapter after a delay that was way too long, but better late than never. Hopefully since I'll have less worries after I come back - since school won't give out much homework - I can get to work on other chapters.
I don't know when this chapter will be uploaded, since I have not yet contacted my proofreaders to go through it, but I can tell you it will most likely not be out before or during next week. Sorry about that.

Oh, also,

Lacrymosa. Remember that, S,FA,R fans? Yeah, still sorting that out too. And yes, its official name is 'Lacrymosa'.

I've got a prologue, but I'm not quite finished with it yet. I also need to draw some cover art for it.

Also, also.

I'm working on another big project that I'm afraid I cannot give too much information about. I've mentioned this before, but I'm still not writing for it. BUUUT, if you write, draw or make music or something like that, and you're a fan of dislestia (you don't necessarily have to be, but uhh... yeah) , and wouldn't mind giving up some free time to work on something... PM me to say you're interested, and we'll talk :raritywink:

I think that's all. I'm planning to do another 'NENH Saturation' at some point, but we'll see.

And since I feel you people deserve it, here's the first scene from the next chapter, which is named 'You Can't Run in a Nightmare'. Seriously, I can never run in my nightmares. It sucks.

Cadance rummaged her hoof through the drawer, rather lazily, might she add. Having to frequently come from and go back to the Crystal Empire had left her fatigued, never mind all the work she still had to do. And as if that weren’t enough, she still had to calm the ponies that were beginning to seriously worry about the disappearance of the three other princesses. The thought occurred to her that she should perhaps share what had actually happened, but was there really any point?

Also, why exactly was she invading Luna’s draw?

This isn’t her personal draw, from what I can tell, she thought to herself. And, either way, she wasn’t even reading anything written on the papers.

Her hoof had eventually reached the back of the draw. She knew, because she heard a ‘thump’, along with the feeling of a hard surface next to her hoof.

Wait… no, it wasn’t the back…

Cadance shuffled her hoof to the edge of the object, managing to let it loose, allowing her to pull it towards her. A few sheets of paper were creased in the process, but she eventually could lift it out of the drawer with her magic. She looked at it, seeing it was a notepad, and a thin one at that.

Her magenta eyes narrowed at it, until curiosity got the best out of her. She flipped open the front cover, revealing a paragraph of writing. She tilted her head to the side, finding that she was already scanning her eyes over the page.

Dear sister,

You’ll probably never find this, but that’s only because I’ll never show you it in the first place. Either way… I’m writing this because I’m bored.
And no, I’m not being funny. If you hear me say that I’m bored, it means I need to do something other than what I was doing. Sometimes I just need to do something else.
Okay, anyway, I sometimes worry about something. I may be back in Equestria, but what happens then? What if I go back to my old ways? Will the ponies here accept me for who I am now?
And most importantly… are you mad at me?
How did you cope all of those years by yourself? I know it must’ve been hard to rule Equestria by yourself… even if you made a lot of friends while I was gone, I doubt the majority of them are alive these days.
I suppose… I just wanted to say sorry. And… I also admire you for going on like this for so long. And if you’re mad at me, that’s okay.


P.S Don’t be mad at yourself. For any of it.

Cadance slammed the notebook shut.

Stop nosing through your aunt’s things, Cadance! she scolded herself, before placing the book back into the drawer.

No, the story here isn't completed in this chapter. It literally begins at the end, because reasons.

EDIT: Wait, as soon as I get back it'll be a year since I began NENH...



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