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HapHazred's Notes: the Origin of Bullit · 12:16pm Jun 23rd, 2015

Well, now that a few chapters are over and Bullit's intentions and rather vicious, unfair skill-set is revealed, I thought it'd be nice to go over what I was thinking of when I made him, especially since the matter came up in the comments earlier. Bullit is, at his core, a bully. He doesn't play fair, he gets off on other people's pain and misery, and is also smart and cunning.

MLP fanfiction is full of OC villains with some pretty extraordinary powers, but I wanted somepony to act as a foil for Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Both are brave, pretty honourable, and at the heart of the matter, kind. They'd sooner stand up for the weak than tread on them. Bullit is none of that. Not only is he cowardly, but he typically strikes last, or better yet, not at all. He'd sooner let Rattle do the work for him. And of course, he has no remorse whatsoever. I pictured him as the kind of guy who'd torment small bugs as a child.

The first thing that came to mind when I wanted a bully was also the origin of his name. As a kid (and adult) I was a fan of the Gothic game series (until 3). They're pretty cool, if clunky, games, and some of the best RPG's I've played. During the first, original game, the very first person you meet is a guard, and the very first thing he does is beat you up. What a nice intro to the game.

This guy's name was Bullit.

Whilst only a minor antagonist throughout the game, he stuck with me. I hated this guy's guts, not only because he treated your character like dirt, but because there was nothing I could realistically do to get any sort of revenge. The game let me pick a fight with him. As soon as you're allowed to get into this castle in the first chapter, you could find him and challenge him to a fight. Problem is, that wouldn't work out for you. Not only is he a tough fighter, but he'd take revenge in sneaky, sinister ways too, and hide behind his rank.

I finally got my revenge, but only near the end of the game, and it wasn't satisfying. Even now, I still hate the guy.

Whilst not a ponified version (Bullit Blaze isn't a guard, isn't as tough, and is a bit smarter, in my opinion) I did have that guy in mind as I wrote the story. There aren't that many villains I truly despised, especially in games (I either have rather neutral feelings about them or I actually kind of like them) but I wanted to try to create one myself, and this is him.

Report HapHazred · 173 views · Story: The Bully is Back · #OC
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Comments ( 5 )

Mission successful: Bullit is pretty hatred-inspiring.

3173752 I love it when a plan comes together.

3173752 Yes. Yes, he definitely is. So congrats, Hap, you did it.

3173768 Ladies and gentlecolts, Col. Hannibal Smith, right there.

3173962 Love me some Col. Hannibal. Such a classy guy.


3173986 Yep, you and me both. I loved that show!

And yes, he is.

Whether he's being Hannibal Smith, or Banacek (I think that that's how it's spelled, anyway).

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