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Bloodborne · 6:20am Jun 23rd, 2015

I've been interested in getting this game sometime, once I'm able to buy a ps4 because I still haven't gotten a job thanks to my mom not getting a better one and her worrying about her boyfriend's location (and stalking Richard Marx's facebook to a point that it actually kinda scares me) off topic. Anyway, does anyone know if this game is any good? I mean, it's a Soul's game, so I know that it has to be hard as diamonds, and I enjoy a good challenge. Anyway, is this game any good?

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Oh yeah I forgot you not a PC gamer. I think it's a good game, and DS3 is coming out next year anyway so getting a PS4 is a good choice :D

It's definitely interesting.

Eh, not really. The PVP leaves a lot to be desired. Either everyone uses The Cannon, which is a one-shot kill no matter what, or people rage quit constantly.

The PVE is... okay, I guess.

I have a ps4 and bloodborne was one of my first games. I don't rage quit but I do get tired of going back and forth (mostly because I don't know where to go) and after a couple of hours quit for awhile, only to go back to it. Its tough and in my opinion its tougher than dark souls two, which it only took a few days and had a clear ( go hear path in my opinion)

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