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Minecraft World! · 6:35pm Jun 22nd, 2015

Well, since finishing my exams, I thought I'd kick back and relax with some Minecraft. And since I'm the type who just loves relaxing, I put it in Hardcore. Death is permanent, and I went to the Nether.

And died. Like an idiot, rummaging through a chest.

Thankfully, I managed to take some screenshots of my little hovel I constructed before kicking the bucket.

It's a quaint little shelter I constructed very quickly to avoid swift death at the hands of zombies. Unfortunately, this did not extend to the Nether, where Blazes and Wither Skeletons find ways to team up against you.

It comes with farm and sheep. The sheep are my favourite bit. Who needs RL friends when you have minecraft sheep?

I can even kill these ones for meat and wool. You can't do that to real people.

There's also a village nearby, but I didn't take any pictures of them. I didn't expect to die.

Obviously, I changed my skin to something more Pone. (comes with lab-coat, because I'm smart)

But now it's time for me to stop doing that and maybe do something productive. Like... write a first person AppleDash?

You could say that that'd be a first.

I'm so witty.

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I'm not a PC minecrafter, but I do love Mineraft all the same on my Xbox 360 and my Xbone. In my most recent 360 world, I'm building a huge storage room.

3171119 In my non-hardcore world, I'm making a padded cell, so I can store a Zombie in there. Just to, y'know, look at it when I get lonely.

No Crossovers?
No SoarinDash?
No Whining?
First person AppleDash?

... there are these moments, like this one, when you suddenly make me remember why I follow you around in the first place.
'Cause you're awesome! :pinkiehappy:

My deepest sympathy for your minecraft-character, though. Those sheep will probably miss him a lot.

3171127 I think they're okay. They had an okay enclosure, so they'll be able to eat grass and be safe from zombies.

They could be the sheep version of Attack On Titan, hiding behind walls from the predators.

Or they could be, well, like ordinary sheep.

3171125 Oh, also, I made two flights of stairs in front of the entrance hall to the storage room. Both of those flights of stairs both lead to rooms coated in obsidian. Would you believe me if I told you I've been doing all of this on survival?

3171142 I have a friend who's one of those guys who builds cathedrals and massive awesome things on survival. They always make me feel substandard.

So, yes, I believe you. But mining obsidian hurts my soul, so it' still impressive.

3171146 It took me a couple of days to mine all of the obsidian I needed.

3171162 Eesh. Nice going.

I generally play HC, so Obsidian mining is very terrifying. Lava and all that.

3171181 I think it always helps to have a bucket of water handy.

3171184 It does. It really does.

One of the more unfortunate ways I went down was getting shot in the back before I could use it, though. Treacherous bone-headed skeletons.

3171186 Ugh...don't even get me started.:twilightangry2::facehoof:


I can barely play normal.

3171751 I'm 'ard as nails, though. It's a condition.

Ardasnailsitus. We all have our crosses to bear.

No SoarinDash

*walks away and jumps down a ravine*

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