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Hello · 6:54pm Jun 21st, 2015

As most of you have figured out by now I released an update. Holy shit.

*slow clap*

On top of that, I released the prequel for dark descent.

*more slow clapping*

Now I'm sure the question is, are we going to have to wait another year for updates?

No. I think I finally found my flow and got my inspiration back. The fire that I had lost to write is now back and I'm ready to finish. I expect gamers to be finished end of July. My plan is to at least update once a week.

For descent fans, may be wondering why release the prequel when we are barely in two.

Simple answer.

I can't continue 2 until I complete this prequel because it will get confusing without it. So anyone still following descent at this poin, I would highly suggest following laughter so that you don't get lost in 2 later down the line.

I look forward to finally finishing gamers and others. For the ones that have been patient and stuck around this long, all I can say is thank you. It's nice to see even after all this time people still are willing to real the fuel I put out.

Again thank you and I look forward to bringing you stories.


Report P3RROHAMBRE · 343 views · Story: M0re Than Gam3rs · #Dark Descent
Comments ( 3 )

Welcome back p3rro! Very excited for more gamers!

Another type of pero.

Im really sorry. :ajsleepy:

Great to see another Descent related chapter up.

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