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A Mare and Her Mirror: Applied Narcissism and Other Erotic Oddities · 4:47am Jul 24th, 2012

To my beloved readers,

It's done. I have finally taken my first steps into a new level of pony-related depravity and crafted my very own clopfic. And I find that I regret nothing. I never thought that there would be a day where I simultaneously researched horse anatomy, marital aids, and Newton's laws of motion, but... well, confound these ponies, right? They drive me to do the damnedest things. But I'll tell you right now: If the people who read it enjoy it even half as much as I enjoyed writing it, then it's a job well done.

I'm actually not going to publish it quite yet. I may do it tomorrow. But before you get out the pitchforks and the torches, I hurry to reassure you that I've included a link to the unpublished story at the bottom of this post. So if pony erotica is your thing, and who am I to judge (I wrote it, after all), then consider yourself an honorary prereader.

For those of you not into the clop scene, Perfect For Me will hopefully be resuming this weekend. Then we can finally find out how the Twilights convince the town that neither of them is a changeling. Until then, I'll see you in the comments!

The Equestrian Gentlecolt

A Mare and Her Mirror: Applied Narcissism and Other Erotic Oddities
Warning: Mature Sex

Comments ( 18 )

:moustache:......meh.... I love you ,but I have something to work on.

OhDearLuna I still have the latest chapters locked up on my kindle :pinkiegasp: *rushes to read before gets spoiled anymore*

besides that, gonna read, and prolly enjoy. Your stuff is good!:pinkiehappy:

Should I read it...?

hmm... normally i avoid such stuff. but i am wondering why you had to research physics.
i'll think about it while waiting for the actual story post.

I liked it. It reminds me of Naked Singularity.

> I never thought that there would be a day where I simultaneously researched horse anatomy, marital aids, and Newton's laws of motion

And I never thought I would laugh at a piece of fiction which required such research.

marital aids

Shouldn't that be "husbandry" aids?
They are farm animals...


Read it and you will understand. :raritywink:

it's very well written and most importantly, tasteful. :moustache:

Tasteful? Hmm - this is actually looking interesting now...

Read it.


Well...that was rather ... interesting. :twilightblush: :twilightblush: (btw those are blushes)

Now for them to have a lesbian threeway with Celestia, no? :trollestia:

Mwahahahahahaha! :pinkiehappy:

Omg... :rainbowderp: This is the best thing ever.

Welcome to the other herd.

screw 50 shades, this is where the actions at!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

246868 246906
You'll probably like it. It's as much comedy as sex. And the question of how science is involved is going to keep bugging you until you find out. :raritywink:

Hehe! I loved Twilight's attempts at erotic writing. As awful as they were, they had character! The world needs more nerdy sex.

Hah, maybe it would be for them! I'll have to consider that. But I was researching human marital aids, so I stand by my statement. :pinkiehappy:

Aww, thanks! "Tasteful" is like the nicest thing you could say. I've never really gotten into many clopfics, and one of the major things that's always turned me off to them is how crude they tend to be. (And how skippable; so few sex scenes actually have any story-relevant content that couldn't be summarized by "And then they had sex.") I was going for something more like Butterscotch Sundae's "First Blush", one of the few that I've really loved, and it warms my heart to see comments like that, because it means that I've at least partially succeeded.

Don't hold your breath. You'll turn a fairly unflattering shade of blue long before Perfect For Me Too ever comes out. :trollestia: (Wait, there's a sequel planned? Let's see who's paying attention!) But you'd better believe that's on my list of things I want to write some day! Right next to Selenography. (And I think the title is a dead giveaway for that one.)

I like this herd. Everypony's so friendly, and they keep complimenting my plot. I never knew there was so much interest in literature around here.


Well, to me "marital aids" refers to not just things that are used to enhance sexual pleasure, but things that are used to enhance sexual arousal, things like lingerie, aphrodisiacs, the Kama Sutra, and roleplay scenarios. Husbandry aids to me seems to more imply pleasure devices and be a pony-friendly way of saying sex toy or dildo/vibrator. I'm not sure which one you're going for since I have yet to read it.

247981 Thank you wikipedia, for revealing to me that selenography basically means that the character Luna (Or Nightmare Moon, for that matter) is implied by the title. And a sequel, eh? Intriguing. I was just spouting nonsensical whimsy, of course, but it appears I've stumbled upon a possibility. And when it comes to possibilities... always expect the unexpected!


I will shamelessly admit I enjoy a good clopfic here and there, so long as it is tasteful and well written. Those are the two big things for me when it comes to clopp'ish stuff if you ask me. As you mentioned some can be very crude and unnecessarily descriptive when it doesn't need to be. Going out of the way to be erotic for the sake of being erotic won't necessarily make it good, in fact it can often be distracting.

But there are times in a story where it reaches a point that the character's (given the environment and circumstances) would naturally have sex. I like to think of this as "Mature Romance." and to this I say, Play Ball! ...just don't get carried away. :raritywink:

This chapter here is a very good example of this, bravo my good sir :moustache:

I'm a firm beliver that a good sex scene can make a story that much better, if done right of course. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Sweetie_Belle_lolface.png

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