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Story Promotions (Round X) · 8:29am Jun 19th, 2015

Been far too long for these! Have a round of story promotions below the break!


"Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding."
~ Louis Gerstner

A robot, constructed for a purpose that it does not understand, seeks to gain its Father's approval via whatever means it can. Following his instructions, being fit to serve, and always awake and alert. But its efforts are not enough; not suitable to fit Father's desire for a true daughter. In the end, no machine can truly substitute the depths of real emotion.

...Or is that untrue? Could feelings to a robot truly mean nothing? Or could they mean everything? What would it take to be considered... "real"?

Who loves Sweetie Bot? Literally everyone, that's who! But if you happen to somehow fall outside of the category of "literally everyone," fear not. This story will change your mind.

If you're not familiar with the fan-dubbed series Friendship Is Witchcraft, I'll give you a quick rundown. Sweetie Bot is exactly what it sounds like—Sweetie Belle, but a robot. (That's so clever! I wonder how long it took them to think of that one!) In the FiW series, there is no difference between canon Sweetie Belle and fanon Sweetie Bot. Just take Sweetie Belle, add in a bunch of machine noises and some terrifying intelligence, and you've got something pretty awesome. Am I right?

Anyway, Machina takes that joke character of Sweetie Bot and explores her under a serious lens. Though this is AU, the story attempts to explain the existence of Sweetie Bot in a more canon fashion. Under what circumstances would Sweetie Bot would exist? How would she interact with her "master"? And what would happen if the circumstances leading to her creation became undone?

Without spoiling too much, I will say that this story is deserving of the Sad tag. While it has an arguably happy ending, the emotion it packs in just over 3300 words is commendable. The story also raises questions about Artificial Intelligence, including the morality and fate of using AI... questions we may have to answer somewhat sooner than we think.

One last tidbit... I foolishly read this at a bar while waiting for a friend to join me for lunch and awkwardly cried into my blackberry cider. (At least it wasn't whiskey. :unsuresweetie:) Since I couldn't explain to my friend that I was undergoing a slight existential crisis due to the story of a robot pony, I blamed it on my nonexistent allergies. So, I advise you don't read this story in public. :rainbowwild:

If you enjoy Sweetie Bot, sad stories, thought-provoking stories, or crying into your booze, give Machina a read!


Trixie had made mistakes. Trixie had lied. Still, nopony had expected it to send Celestia into a rage. But nopony but Celestia understood the true importance to Equestria of trust.

Trust is a rather old story, possibly the oldest I've promoted so far. However, it has definitely aged well. Part of this is due to it being AU, but part of it is also how masterfully and subtly it's written. In barely 1500 words, it remains one of my favorite Dark stories on the site.

I will note that there used to be a second, later chapter to this story. The second chapter had a similar premise to the first, although it was less subtle in delivering the message. Although I follow Bad Horse, I can't quite remember if he posted a blog stating why this story has only one chapter. Ah well. That remaining chapter, the original, is well worth the read.

On the surface, this tale seems to be a simple Slice of Life. After the events of Boast Busters, Trixie is brought to Canterlot Castle to face punishment for her crimes. Trixie believes that she will be punished for being arrogant and prideful, as well as the destruction the Ursa Minor brought to Ponyville.

To Trixie's surprise, Celestia has a much different problem with her—Trixie's violation of trust. Trust, Celestia says, is the most important thing of all... even more than friendship or love. But why?

The answer, and the twist, is so subtle that you might miss it at first glance. I had to reread this story before I understood it. When I did, I had some chills running up and down my spine, let me tell you. Depending on your view of Celestia, it may shatter you even more.

If you enjoy a good Dark story, stories about Celestia, or an AU take on the celestial ruler, give Trust a few minutes of your time.

There Are No Words

Families are a wonderful thing. The goodnight kisses from your mother you received as a foal. The ball games you played with your father as a teenager. The warmth, love and compassion that they will always give you.

Twilight loves her family with all her heart, but she isn't so sure she should take Flash Sentry home to meet them just yet. But it's what all the books say she should do, so it's what she should do.

Unfortunately for Twilight, families are also great at embarrassing you. This is a story of family, love, and blazing infernos.

Full disclosure on this one: it's FlashLight...

*waits for crickets*

... and I edited it.

Now, before accusations of nepotism run wild, let me state this: I do not promote everything I edit, nor do I accept requests for promotions. Everything I post here is something I would have promoted, regardless of the editor.

That aside, this story is a riot! :rainbowlaugh: The title is definitely fitting. In this romantic comedy, all Twilight wants is to have a nice family dinner and show off her coltfriend—the awesome Flash Sentry, of course!—to her folks. Of course, Shining Armor, Cadence, Twilight Velvet, and Night Light have other plans.

From awkward introductions, burnt food, and even worse tribulations, Twilight finds that her one wish isn't so simple. Along with her reacting to this horrible evening in a very Twilight fashion—kudos to the author for nailing the characters' personalities, especially Twilight's, here—the Universe decides to throw a few more things her way. One of them, as it says on the tin, is a blazing inferno. Just what everyone wants when introducing their significant other to the 'rents, am I right?

The story does have one edge that some readers might find a bit rough—the story's climax. I personally enjoyed it, although I can see why some do not. I would say that, as a romantic comedy, you will have to suspend your disbelief a little bit to enjoy this particular section. Still, even with that aside, it's definitely a solid comedy with a warm-and-fuzzy undertone. And FlashLight, of course. And you can never have too much FlashLight. You can't. Seriously. Stop looking at me like that!

If you enjoy FlashLight, romantic comedies, or seeing Twilight lose it, check out There Are No Words!

Fiddling With Her Heart


These are some of the titles many have bestowed on the virtuoso, Octavia Melody. Through countless hours of practice and studying, Octavia had become the most renowned musician in Equestria. With an abundance of fame and fortune, it seemed like she lived the perfect life. However, Octavia has lately been feeling that something is missing from her music.

A seemingly normal trip to Ponyville changes everything when she hears the sound of a fiddle. Following the music, Octavia arrives at an apple orchard. What she finds would possibly help her make her music whole again. As well as so much more.

While I normally promote one-shots and short stories, as soon as I finished this, I knew I had to start including longfics.

At a whopping 165K words, Fiddling With Her Heart is one monster of a read. However, it is also so engaging that I rushed through it in about two days' time. I don't do that unless I really love the story. There's only a few stories that I can say I've gobbled up in a few days, and they're all eventually going to make it in here. :pinkiehappy:

Last but certainly not least, Fiddling With Her Heart is a very unique story in several ways. As the title and character tags suggest, this is a Romance fic between Octavia and Applejack. Other than an unrelated one-shot, this is the sole TaviJack (OctaJack? AppleTavi? Eh, TaviJack sounds good) story on the site. In addition to its uncommon pairing, the story alternates between several major cities and events within the show, aligning with canon rather nicely. A slight flaw is that these skips between periods of time aren't always clear, but it's not enough of a problem to cause major disruption to the story's flow.

Octavia here is far from her snooty portrayal in many fanfics (and, arguably, parts of the canon). This is quite refreshing to read. The characterization given in place for Octavia is one I was happy to see—similar to that of other great Octavia fics I've read, such as Stages. Applejack is written rather well also, with a few different flourishes than we normally see with her, (if you haven't figured it out yet, you will soon. :ajsmug:) along with the other Apples—Apple Bloom in particular.

This story is also a very slow-burn romance. Whereas Romance stories of this length either usually focus on a couple's relationship problems OR an unrelated issue that the couple (usually pre-existing) solve together, Fiddling With Her Heart combines both in excellent ways. The emotions are real and palpable without being hammered too deep.

While the romance appears one-sided at first, with several (heartbreaking) obstacles thrown Octavia and Applejack's way, the wait is well worth it and the payoff is glorious. Other than a few minor editing issues, and the timeskip issue I mentioned, this is an amazing and flawless read.

If you're looking for a great slow-burn Romance, a unique ship, or just a good longfic, be sure to check out Fiddling With Her Heart.

Welp, that's about it for me tonight! I expect to have a few more blogs in the next few days, and, hopefully, some new stories next week as well. Take care, everyone, and have a great night!

Best sisters, second best sisters, and another great ship—what more could I ask for?

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Comments ( 14 )

Machina is a fantastic, feelsy, Astro Boy-esque piece. One of my fave one-shots to date.

I'm sorry for making your lunch feel awkward. :fluttercry:

Gosh, this story has been making me apologize to a lot of people, lately.

Thanks a ton for the promotion, by the way. Was not expecting it. Gonna check those other fics out, too. ^^
Can I just also say that I love this artist?

Author Interviewer

Pssh! Cries of "editorial nepotism" come only from the weak and editorless! Promote what you edit! >:V

I've been promoted.

By Bad_Seed_72.

O-EM-GEE! :pinkiegasp:

Seriously though, I really appreciate this, and I'm glad you liked my story enough to promote it in the first place! This is my gateway to popularity! so cool!

Thank you!

Who loves Sweetie Bot? Literally everyone, that's who!

Apparently, I fall outside "literally everyone". I think I've only seen like one episode of Friendship is Witchcraft, and I didn't quite care for it.

And you can never have too much FlashLight.

No. No, you cannot. :raritywink: I shall be reading "There Are No Words" when I can.

Babsy really liked my fic! Thank you for reading and featuring it!

Hm. A story about Trixie got promoted? I thought you hated her. This must be a masterpiece of a story if you do like it this much. By the way, did this story changed your view on Trixie in general?


I do hate her still... :rainbowlaugh: She's more part of the setup of the story anyhow, so you'd have to read it to see.

3168534 Okay, I've read it. Laughed hard. What else can I say?

The one, who condemns lie, lies the most!
I speak only truth and believe nobody.
And you, do you believe me, huh?

Also thought, that this story might be a great description of what politics is. But enough of this philosophy. I think, I figured why liked this story so much. It's because you like to see Trixie humiliated to tears for being... Trixie. You like to see her SUFFER:raritydespair::raritydespair::raritycry:! If you want, I can recommend you a pair of stories, where Trixie is repeatedly dominated by Twilight, then Rarity, then Applejack and then again Twilight and her flank is spanked to the sorriest state you can imagine.


Yup, I love seeing the Weak and Powerless Trixie cry. :pinkiecrazy:

If you want, I can recommend you a pair of stories, where Trixie is repeatedly dominated by Twilight, then Rarity, then Applejack and then again Twilight and her flank is spanked to the sorriest state you can imagine.

Sounds right up my alley. :raritywink:

3172142 Seriously? I can appreciate a good BDSM, but seriously? No compassion for Trixie? Even a little bit? You're a bad person Bad Seed. BAD person! Shame on you. (wanted to find a picture to illustrate my words, but find nothing acceptable, so just image a picture here )


:rainbowlaugh: Not telling me anything I didn't already know!

3172198 Well, at least you remains yourself under any circumstances. But this is hopeless. I shall go, and cry in the corner about how cruel the world is towards little, poor Trixie...
P.S. I'll send you above mentioned spanfics tomorrow.

I don't know if you'll ever see this, but thanks!

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