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Never forget when I was discussing villains with my friend; I said "villains are hot" while thinking specifically about the Dazzlings. He'll never know.

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Dirty Little Secrets · 4:13am Jun 18th, 2015

Luv that song.
I have Mr. Brightside stuck in my head.
Sometimes when I'm restless and can't sleep I go online and make blog posts.
I also have the urge to call INTJ on the phone.
It's raining.
It's the one year anniversary of my discovery of TMNT, give or take a few weeks.
I was babysitting my sister, and it was on, so I watched. Hooked forever.
But it's just the price I pay, Destiny is calling me-
Hopefully I won't feel as deleterious in the morning.
So I remember back in January I'd stay up until 2 in the morning watching TMNT videos. The good old days.
I wish I had a picture for each month of my life that summed it up.
This month would be helpfulness and nostalgia.
Open up my eager eeeeeyes,
I got a mani-pedi today
'Cause I'm Mister Brightside

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Comments ( 14 )

Cool story bro sis Crazy Tennis Girl :scootangel:

I wouldn't call them that dirty.

3159398 :rainbowlaugh: I know, but I had just listened to the song!

INTJ doesn't have a cell phone:ajsmug:

maybe one of his brothers will pick up:pinkiecrazy:

3161710 You'd better hope not:pinkiecrazy:

3161732 Then good luck:twilightoops:

or his mom or dad:pinkiecrazy:

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