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  • 24 weeks

    So, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! At least, for the five of you that care about Lair of The Badalisc after I routinely go months without updating it.
    Anyway. I'm at a place where I could (potentially?) end Lair of The Badalisc chapter 5. but I'm not a hundred percent sure yet. At the very least, I'm 66-75% of the way through it, and there's about two more scenes I need to write.

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  • 56 weeks
    Writing progress

    I learned my lesson from last time, so I actually have a small bit of chapter 5 written out. In the meantime, I'm taking a short break and will get to the next chapter by next week or so.

    In the meantime, I'm also gonna try and work on a one-shot featuring Pinkie or Izzy.

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  • 59 weeks
    well that didn't work

    Okay, so Lair of The Badalisc's latest chapter was not finished three days ago. But.. the draft's nearly finished, I just need a day to myself to hammer it out, watch some MLP FiM to get in the mood, and we're golden.

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  • 61 weeks
    Lair of The badalisc new chapter

    So, good news and bad news - the new chapter is CLOSE to done... but not finished. It'll be done by august 10th at least, probably.

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  • 65 weeks
    New chapter

    I, uh... wow

    Okay, I'm sorry it's taken practically a year to do chapter 3 of LoB, for everyone here. I've just been hung up on.... a lot of other projects. Got a job, wrote a lot of Warframe stuff, done a lot of WF art...


    I've got another chapter planned for THIS MONTH! And maybe also a one-shot also releasing this month. I got plans.

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Chapter 8, My Self-Defense Catastrophe, has been rewritten! Red was a bit unhappy on that, so he ended up asking me to add in some stuff explaining the bombardment.

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