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Because all of you have been pronouncing my nickname incorrectly all this time. · 9:17pm Jun 17th, 2015

Hello, my little human. I don't know how you ended up here, but if you're already here, you can take a look at pronouncing my nickname. This blog post is supposed to be informative, but I guess I won't be able to help myself so... yeah just keep reading and you'll get to relevant information eventually.

My favourite game of all time is a free FPS. Crossfire it is called. Some time ago I joined a new international clan. Everything was going rather nicely. The people were nice and friendly and they actually knew how to play this game. For a while we stayed with less than 7 members, so we used to use regular clan chat when playing cw's. We were really good though, so soon we expanded to over 20 members. It wasn't viable to use clan chat anymore, so we invested in our own TS3 server. And that's when the "trouble" began! Now, you should know that I'm very attached to my nickname. For the last ~7 years pretty much everyone who isn't my family or my teachers have been calling me Beert. So imagine my surprise and disbelief when I entered our TS3 serv and learned how everyone pronounces it. Of course I couldn't let it stay this way. I quickly started correcting people and those who were too lazy to learn were just given an alternative nickname to call me.

'Kay then, story time's over. And if someone didn't notice, I wrote it as a very light-hearted "story". I'm not that oversensitive.

Now let's move onto pronouncing Beert. Or rather listening how it should be pronounced. Go to google translate, enter Beert and set language to Polish. Listen to it a few times and you should be able to say it correctly without any problems. If for whatever reason you can't get it right like these germans can't get "squirrel" right, I have some alternatives for you to use. Since I already got bored of writing this completely unnecessary blog post, I'm just going to list them all. Remeber to set the language to Polish.


Yep, that would be it. Have fun trying to say them correctly.

Oh, I almost forgot. I may or may not release a short story in the next month or so. I think I have a really cool idea. Like, really good, not like the others I had ever since I started reading MLP fanfiction. It would be a real shame to let this idea go to waste.

Ok, now it's really the end. See ya in ~1month.

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What are the two asterisks for?:rainbowhuh:

3321244 There are two here, because when I created this acc, I thought I already had an account here, just lost pasword and email, and that acc was with the correct amount of asterisks which is one. I didn't want another nicknamed tho, so I just added one more asterisk.

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