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Writer's block · 4:47pm Jun 17th, 2015

:raritydespair: (skip to bottom if you're too lazy to read)

So... I was stuck in a bus for 14 hours and I only managed 400 words. That's pretty sad. My writing is only good when I put little effort into it, and now that Coffee? is somewhat well-liked, I can't not put effort into it.

I'd work on my multi-chapter story, but it feels like a chore today, even though all I have to do is type up what's written in my notebook, write a maybe 200-word thing to transition the two parts together, self-edit it, and then hand it over to my editor. But... just not feeling it today.

So, if you have any story requests, give them to me and I'll write them. Hopefully, it'll help. It usually does.

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I have an idea, write garbage, allow yourself to write absolute s:yay:t

I have a story idea up my sleeve! :moustache:

Years in the future, Applejack become the coach of a new game called "Apple Ball". After being too aggressive with her team, she gets fired and goes through an existential crises which causes her to binge and gain a ton of weight. Ready for a new start, Applejack moves to Manehatten and assumes the nickname 'Fat AJ'. A romantic comedy, the entire story relies on two jokes--
(A)-- She's fat
(B)-- She's a country bumpkin surrounded by SOCIALITES

:pinkiecrazy: Brilliant!

Um... okay. Maybe you could write a short comedy epilogue to episode 100 about the Doctor having to deal with the Big Lebowskie ponies?

I suggest asking yourself why you're blocked

:raritydespair: (skip to bottom if you're too lazy to read)



I actually did read all of it.

Well, the cure to Writer's Block for me is sometimes writing poetry and or short stories. So requests might be good... though I don't have any ideas for you so far. :twilightoops: You should get Prompt Maker though. It's really useful for just writing silly one shots. That's the most I can do to help, sorry~!

3157494 I have no idea. I had writer's block for about 8 months, and I just got my writing drive back. But now it's gone again. :raritydespair:

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