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The True Nightmare: Third Story · 2:50pm Jun 17th, 2015

Sorry about that folks, forgot to post this blog yesterday night but I was on a binge of Red Vs Blue after I saw that there was about ten episodes of the new season out.

(This is just the latest compilation of funny moments.)

Anywho, I have come to tell everybody here that has been following the series since the first, The True Nightmare story, that we are currently working on the sequel to, The True Nightmare: The Hunt.

Yes. I have currently finished with, possibly, maybe about almost halfway through the story. But that's not counting the other chapters I have to get through, plus all the other ideas that I am currently thinking on. (Plus I have been working on another story at the same time. Yes, going against my own advice to finally get everything ready and set.) With my proofreader (Yay! It's my proofreader from last story!) we have finished the prologue and just got done with the first part of chapter one. So, progress is a little slow, but I do hope to give this story the appropriate attention to detail it deserves. (Plus I've been feeling pressured by all the comments saying that this story should be the best since it is a AVP crossover. So to say the least, I do feel a little stressed.)

But I will also mention that this stress is possibly for the good to keep me on my toes. So although it will take just a little longer, (Hopefully not long, if time is kind to me.) then when I get halfway through this story, I shall start releasing the chapters on a weekly basis, as to give me more time to work on the upcoming chapters. So yes, I thank you all for waiting patiently and I do hope to get this story out to you all. Thank you for listening and now I shall get back to writing.

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Comments ( 2 )

Nice to hear. Good luck to you!

3157919 Thank you, edCom02. :twilightsmile:

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