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    Update Mid Crisis

    It feels like every drive is Sunday at one in the morning. Kinda feels funny, eight months ago, I had only just gotten my license. Now I drive a borrowed car with a letter from work taped to my dash stating the fact I am an essential worker.

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    Cowgirl VK

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    In short, I'm down with the flu.

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    This is the ninth time this week I've pulled this up to work on it. Kish it's been a LONG week. I should have gotten this post done Tuesday-

    never mind... life hit the fan nothing I can do about that. So, I got to go north to see the eclipse. We made a day trip of it, and mostly I had a good time.

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95 Followers, 600 views · 3:29am Jun 17th, 2015

Wow, I'm now sitting at 95 followers, not that I want all of you guys to send out shout outs to follow me, though I'm kind of hoping to it 100 by July... and my birthday.

Guess when I hit 100, I'll have to do a 100 post.... where is the questions for that one? anyone know? Or do you guys want me to do something different? Like write a short story, or something like that... IDK. Or do a music Vid, I've got two songs that I think would be cute to put MLP pictures to and post them... won't give titles, you'll steal one of them. it's kind of obvious.

And, I just looked at MDP, and I had over 600 views! This is just awsome.

So, with life maybe settling out again, not. I'm hoping to get back into posting every day again. Life stays crazy, and I need to get something stable in my life. One thing is for sure, I can't exactly do these posts on my tab, it's a pain to type on such a tiny keyboard.

Anyways, Thanks to all my followers, and I hope you guys had as wonderful of a day as I did... and no I'm not being snarky. It truely was great.

Till next time

Cowgirl out.

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Comments ( 5 )

I dunno,
But almost congrats!

3155837 Thanks. I'll get creative. I'm feeling poetic, maybe I'll do something with that.

I hope you reach your goal! Anyways, congratulations!

3156422 Thanks, me too.

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