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Black Lives Matter, this isn't hard

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  • 203 weeks
    amazon job fact sheet

    +$12 an hour, full time with benefits
    +their warehouses are a marvel of distribution engineering
    +Amazon doesn't care enough to lie to you
    +they have employee training down to a science
    +the break room has cheap food and soda
    +day four and my hands are fine!!

    -there are two break rooms in one massive warehouse, so five minutes of your breaks are spent walking

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    a rewrite by Pinklestia


    I'm posting any ANS material I get. Here's one! A New Sun Rewrite, by Pinklestia.

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    regarding fanfanfics

    To reiterate, A New Sun is dead. It's so dead that I'm having trouble forcing myself to summarize the ending. But I know a lot of people still care, because they've told me so. More to the point, someone just asked me for permission to do a sort of rework of ANS.

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    old plans, part 5

    I'm busy with school, my hands hurt, and it turns out my dog has pancreatic cancer. So these are going to get shorter, but they have to happen because, I don't know, they just do.

    The following is either one or two chapters.

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    old plans, part 4

    Meanwhile, Playboy puts out a special rush issue with Celestia on the cover and consisting mostly of the interview (they found time for that one photograph, never mind how). It turns out that Bob, the interviewer, didn't edit out a damn thing except where Celestia requested the removal herself. Celestia's power and personality are both a matter of public record now. Jeff compliments Bob's

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Steven Universe · 7:40am Jun 16th, 2015

Sometimes someone sums up an entire intellectual property in such a prefect way that there's nothing else to be said. In the case of Steven Universe, that summary is "every episode is sadder and gayer than the last." I don't know who came up with that, but damned if it isn't excellent anyway.

Lord but that show is good.

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Comments ( 3 )

this part just...Pearl is SO in love with Rose....

3153650 Pearl is such a glorious mess.

SU has this strange and amazing thing it does where the gems are most likable when they're doing the wrong thing. Nearly every Pearl episode is the obvious example, and Amethyst in the one about the storage shed is another one. It's one of the many reasons I look up to this show as an aspiring storyteller.

YOU'RE sadder and gayer than the last....
Yeah, that one doesn't really work too well.

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