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Be Honest · 2:42pm Jul 23rd, 2012

Is the censor bar too much? (Warning: Implied Not Safe For Woona)

Comments ( 32 )

Nope. It's just perfect. Tres magnifique! :raritywink:

I wouldn't mind if there was no censor bar at all.

Depends on what exactly you put behind it.

-Nnnngh!- Sorry... what were you talking about?

I know one Solar Princess who would love to see behind that sensor bar :rainbowlaugh:. Hold on some ones calling me....*hello......do I what now?........well they are alright I guess...........that's rude........who is this?.......whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *

The person who was reading your story now resides on the moon:trollestia:

Without it the poster would be 20% less cooler:rainbowwild:

Haha, what? Nice.

A chilli? would certainly explain the expression.

Yeah, maybe. Without the censor bar, it's just implied, with it's actually stating.

would be hilarious if you put a big hub logo there instead

245533 I lol'd.

No, the censor bar's fine I think.

Well, I think it's magnificent.


Get out of my head, Charles

Oh my goodness I just laughed so hard. Go for it, it's perfectly fine.

Censor the censor bar!!!!! In other words, get rid of it! um, please? Since there is no evidence of a strap-on, and the crotches are pressed too close for any details, it seems a shame to mar such a picture with an unneded censor bar. Plus, I would totally download that image - if it didn't have that censor bar.

The censor bar... literally hides nothing.

You should use a distortion mosaic on the faces and cutie marks instead. Would be funnier.

Censor bar works perfectly. It implies... things. Without it, things could be... awkward.

Haha. Here's the original image I capped in all its 1080p glory, straight from the episode. There are a couple frame captures of this scene, but they all seem to take a nearby frame that has obvious angry faces. I think this one looks much worse.

I considered that, too. But in the end, this was the natural way to use the "Too hot for Equestria Daily!" line. And I really liked that line. :rainbowlaugh: Thought about doing both, too, but I think the image would've just gotten way too busy at that point (if it wasn't already).


Hmm, you could always put it across the mouths to make it look like they are kissing and say "too hot for The Hub" since romantic kissing technically would be. And since it's a screenshot with the logo to begin with...


Pretty much what they said. The censor bar makes it... naughty. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Sweetie_Belle_lolface.png


Still better without the bar. Though, if you wanted to indicate a strap-on, I wouldn't complain:pinkiehappy:

Naw. It's Twibadism! (I'm going to hell for that one.)

Ha! Only on the HUB.

You did forget your hat, Erik.

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