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I don't understand · 8:07pm Jun 15th, 2015

I was friends with Karen. Less than 6 days ago, I suddenly stopped being able to PM her, or reply to her comments, or post a comment on any of her stories or blog posts. This made me really sad, because we had been getting along great and the system suddenly stopped letting me talk to her at all. Today I found out she had stopped following me.

Did... did I do something wrong? You stopped following me, and I can't even ask you why. No message, no reason, you're just... gone. I'm sorry if I did something. Please tell me what it was.

edit. i think she band me. i do'nt know why .i just...... im sory for whatever i did. you were my first frend on here. im sory.

Edit2 1506160149: As near as I can tell, she blocked me and unfollowed me. It still hurts that my first, and therefore oldest friend here just abandoned me without so much as a word of explanation, putting what amounts to an impassable digital wall between us. What hurts the most is that I have no idea why she did it, and I can't even ask her. It may seem silly to most of you, but I cried for a few hours over this. I like her. She is an amazing person. I had thought we were getting along, having fun. Then, she just shut me out, cut me off like a diseased limb.

I became really depressed, and you can see how my typing suffers for that.

It is due to the kindness of new friends on here that I was able to pull myself out of it much faster than I normally am able to. To all of you that helped me: I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you ever see this blog post, Karen, I'm sorry for whatever I did, and I still want to be your friend. If you still want to be my friend, I will welcome you back, joyfully. I miss your friendship. If not, please, at least tell me what I did, so I never do it again.

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Comments ( 2 )

That happens. Some people just work that way... One day you think you know them, but the other day it's like someone else possessed them and they are no longer someone you knew.

In my opinion such people do not deserve to even be noticed, no matter how good they were before they desided to shut you out.

3156204 *sigh* two days ago, I posted a bog entry that never posted, apparently.You can find it HERE. Short story: she accidentally blocked me without realizing it. I'm so happy I could dance right now.

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