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After not writing since high school i'm very grateful for mlp and the brony fandom for inspiring me to be creative again. Currently working full time, I write when I can.

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  • 337 weeks
    Chapter update

    Just an update on the progress of chapter nine. What is it? None :raritycry:

    Well that's a lie, I had to start over what I had and tweak what I had planned so basically I'm starting from scratch. I'm working on it but I have jury duty in addition to other responsibility so progress is slow. I can at least share a title (Subject to change)

    Chapter nine: The one where Sonata Dusk knows

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    Last 2015 update

    Well it's the last day of 2015 already, can hardly believe it went by so fast. Being that were on the cusp of the new year I thought I'd take this time to go over what my plans are for the next few months.

    1: Regarding my Batman story I would like to get to a point where I could release at least one story ark per month, fingers crossed.

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    Batman story update

    Hey ya'll, hope your all having a good winter so far, weather's been kind of rough where I'm at but not unbearable. I thought I'd update you on the progress of Batman. So I currently have the next chapter halfway done and I'm at a place where I could easily split it in two. Would anyone prefer me to do that so you can get a chapter tomorrow or wait the *Garbled static noises* that it will take

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    Crusaders of the lost mark update

    So as the title suggests this is a blog about the newly aired episode and the new cannon it introduced into the show. First off my opinions, very good episode! Finally we get some Diamond Tiara character development as well as a bit for Silver Spoon as well. The music was good but like Magical Mystery Cure I felt it could have been told better as a regular episode. That being said Diamond

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    A pain filled life update

    For those of you who don't know I'm working 6 day weeks at a lumber yard, which is part of why I haven't had as much time to write as I'd like. At about 1 I accidentally dropped a concrete pier block on my middle finger and damaged it pretty badly. Thankfully nothing broke but the skin blistered and it tore the skin below the first joint.

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Boy did i pick a bad time to post · 7:51pm Jun 15th, 2015

Not that i'm complaining mind you, my Bruce Wayne story has been my first bit of success on this site and I've loved every minute of it. And seeing all the encouraging comments from the readers. But who boy did i pick an awful time to post the new chapter, Episode one hundred aired Saturday and now a huge flood of stories based on that just came out. That and i forgot it was E3, holy crap E3.

It's still getting good views but i'm a little bit disappointed since i stayed up really late last night putting the finishing touches on it. I guess it's my own dang fault for not thinking ahead.:facehoof: I'm working on chapter four now so expect Bruce's first day of school, fingers crossed i can have it out tomorrow morning.

If by chance you also read my long running story "Friendship Still is Magic" (and if you don't please do, it's my passion project) and are curious when the next chapter is coming out. I don't know, currently i'm still riding the high of this story and wan't to keep interest in it going strong. I'll try and write part two of the Dragonshy story in between Bruce Wayne chapters (again fingers crossed).

The nice thing about FSIM is i work in three chapter blocks so i already have all the events mapped out, all i need to do is write them down.

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