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Solid Poison

YO! I write stuff. Primarily comedy for now but I will experiment with other genre's. some will go better that others.

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    Wanna keep this short. I guess I just needed a break from everything (Even though I've still been writing things) to rekindle the spirit.

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    Update March 2017

    Status update

    So I've got good news and bad news. I'm going to start with the bad news first because there is alot.

    So first off the military thing ended up not working out due to medical reasons so I'm simply going to college instead. I've got to balance that with my job as well so my free time will be strained. That's kind of irrelevant personal things so let me get into the main stuff.

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    Yeah i'm not dead whatever gave you that silly idea...


    i'm going to be updating my profile soon( mostly my "what I'm up to" section) and i haven't made a blog post in a while so...Yeah. (not like anyone reads theme)


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    Hey guys! Wow its 20 buckin 16! Time sure flies don't it? (I'm also late as hell)

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    Hey ponies! It's been a long ass time huh? Sorry I haven't been posting, fusion has been too busy to edit and I don't really trust anyone else to Edit my stuff. In this down time I've been quite busy myself working and stuff along with a short notice move I'm dealing with right now, but I've also written the first chapter of a new story or two in my down time that will be posted soon™, one being

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Don't worry I'm still chugging · 8:06am Jun 15th, 2015

Just a reminder that I'm alive and shit. I will be releasing Act 6 part 3 (I'm like 2000 words in) alongside a side story which is going to be the missing scene inbetween part 2 and 3.

It will be called "DJ'S lemons" I'm sure you can guess why.:trollestia:

Anyway keep in mind this kinda thing is new for me so it can't take a while.

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Comments ( 3 )

First view! My stalker powers are waxing! Ignore that.

Ment to say it "can" take a while...auto correct is relentless:ajbemused:

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