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New MLP Season 5 Episode - Slice Of Life (100th Episode) · 7:56pm Jun 14th, 2015


Interesting things you might find...well, interesting.

1 - Doctor Whooves is almost exactly like Doctor Who's character here. Hasbro's been reading the fanfics, it seems.

2 - Continuity with Cranky and Matilda.

3 - Roseluck steals Lily's 'the horror, the horror' line.

4 - Go back to the part where we see Lyra and Bon Bon. Notice anything about them? Their personalities are a palette swap of each other from how bronies depict them in fanfiction. In the majority of most MLP fanfics, it is Lyra who would usually come out with something sudden and random as what Bon Bon says, but here the roles are reversed, which makes me think Hasbro really is looking at our fanfics. Also, the conversation between them does indeed hint at a 'more than friends' relationship. So, yeah fuel for the shippers. Choo choo.

5 - Watch the intro sequence up to Fluttershy's 'sharing kindness' line. Discord's in the window.

6 - 15:45 Twilight cane returns


8 - 16:51 The stallion from the Rarity episode where we first see Fancy Pants is at the wedding.

9 - Amethyst Star is shown to be Ponyville's 'most organized' pony. I think Hasbro has been looking at 'Where Is My Love?' b my friends, TheMyth and Lucky424.

10 - The Changeling at 19:55 is definitely a callback to the Canterlot Wedding episode, and a really nice clever one too. Also, and I really really like this idea, I've come across a comment somewhere that this particular Changeling might appear again in a later episode, so Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings might come back possibly. But another thing I read is that there is a slight possibility that this Changeling could be Rhubarb, a character from a fanfic on this site of the same name. It is unlikely, but you never know if we are to assume Hasbro has been looking into the fanbase's fanfics for ideas...

11 - Mayor Mare's speech COULD be a reference to fanfiction. Or at least that's how I look at it.

12 - The Button Mash lookalike is apparently Hasbro's way of apologizing to JanAnimations, who originally created the character, though this is speculation rather than proven fact.

13 - The sea monster from the first episode is now a stylist. Wicked cool.

14 - Further evidence that Doctor Whooves is ponified Doctor Who is seen near the ending. When he gets excited about his firework-thingies, who out of all the mares does he grab? Roseluck. Or in this episode's case, pony 'Rosie'. XD

15 - This episode is MLP at its best.

There is, however, ONE HUGE MAJOR FLAW I found with this episode...

...Hasbro didn't put Unique in it. Sad face. Boo hoo...

Oh well, still a great episode, don't you all agree?

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3149377 I know, it's awesome.
And I don't know about you, but I think this episode made it pretty clear that Lyra and Bon Bon are more than "just friends."

3149389 Well, you might find this interesting, but I came across a comment while trying to find a decent video of the episode to put up here for you all that suggests Hasbro had actually been visiting sites like this one and several other fan sites to gain ideas how the background characters featured in this episode should act and sound like.

Which I for one wholeheartedly believe, because that Doctor Whooves being almost exactly like Doctor Who's character cannot be mere coincidence. Hasbro had to have noticed the fanbase's depiction of the pony and decided to go with that.

And that is good. It shows Hasbro is taking a lot of ideas from its viewers into consideration, and that's amazing how they've made these previously insignificant ponies into real fledged characters.

Now if only Hasbro would see Unique and somehow write him into the show...

All these background pony moments, and I'm just sitting here happy because Cheerilee and Big Mac were standing next to each other again.


As they should be.

3149416 It would definitely seem like their actually LISTENING to our comments.
Maybe they'll make an episode about Unique, I would say I'd to see one about Eclipse, but he's too dark for Hasbro's pony world.

I hope they make an episode about Brexie. :3 about how he became a pony. And maybe he meets Unique and has super awesome adorable cuddly adventures.

3149452 I don't know if this is true, but apparently somebody's OC is supposed to be in this episode, apart from the Button Mash look-a-like. I don't know which it could be or what it's supposed to look like, but I'm thinking it might be one of the bowling stallions at the start?

Also, that sea monster 'Steven Magnet' or however his name is spelled...could it be a reference to an actual stylist, or a member of the Hasbro staff? I feel like it might be.

And I also hear that Changeling may not just be a reference back to the Canterlot Wedding episode, but that he could star in a later episode.

Watch the intro sequence up to Fluttershy's 'sharing kindness' line. Discord's in the window.

Did you JUST notice that?

3149452 Update - I think I know who the OC pony is. Skip to 19:51, on the balcony. I think IMMAToonLinkReverie's OC is there, albeit a different color, but I could be wrong.

It was pointed out to my a while back.

I just went back to that Changeling scene, and I just noticed that the foals are backing away from him in fright, so the ponies must be aware that he's there or something.

3149573 I'm talking about you, not this 'my' person you speak of. XD

I have shamed my people. :fluttershyouch:

3149558 Still, I think Unique and Brexie would have great adventures together!

3149601 At least you have us to make you feel better.

Whether that's good or bad, you may debate. XD

Funniest episode of the season so far

You forgot The Big Lebowski ponies! Dude.

3149755 I'm going to take a guess and assume they were the bowling ponies, right? Is that what it was referencing?

3150059 Did he?

Damn, now I have to go back in time to change history just so what I put here will be considered correct.

Did you ever notice at 15:47 they have this random image appear like it's really really random.

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