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Ponified Christmas Carol? · 12:57pm Jun 14th, 2015

I was thinking about starting early on a fanfic idea. A my Little Pony Christmas Carol. How does that sound to you? I even have the characters outlined. But I'm still not sure if I should make this or not. :unsuresweetie:

Scrooge – Tirek
Jacob Marley – Discord
Bob Cratchet – Twilight Sparkle
Tiny Tim - Spike
Ghost of Christmas Past – Celestia
Ghost of Christmas Present – Cadence
Ghost of Christmas Future – Luna
Others – Scorpan, Mane 5, Background ponies.

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Comments ( 5 )

Hmm, I say go for it.:twilightsmile:

3197025 Tell ya what, I'll help out with it too.:twilightsmile:

That would be awesome! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

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