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Twilight's Inferno & Trixie vs. Equestria · 9:42pm Jun 13th, 2015

Note to zel: I think you will find this post boring and gay, so to you, I say this: penis.

I read these yesterday (both by PaulAsaran):

Twilight's Inferno

The cover art is a (somewhat minor) spoiler. Neat, eh?

Although I'm not entirely sure, I'm thinking that perhaps I should not have read them. Although they are well-written and quite interesting, they had an effect on me that I was not expecting. I suppose I was not expecting it because I've rarely encountered a story that can make me feel sad, even a little bit. The last one I can remember was a few years ago, and I can remember only 2 more some years before that (so 3 total).

I'd like to note that I've read many horse stories here, and I've often seen people commenting about how sad, happy, excited, etc they felt, but I did not (I certainly do not remember any where I did). Of course, I am by no means intending to imply that I am the only one like that—I am sure there are plenty of people who do not feel anything when reading whatever stories they read.

It's just that, for me, this is largely a new experience. No other story I've read (including non-horse stories) has caused me to feel this way (and it is worse because I like to avoid emotions, and hence lack experience dealing with them). Among other distractions, my sleep last night was (mildly) affected, and my fapping earlier was briefly interrupted (the horror!). I just can't seem to get it out of my head.

The first story, Twilight's Inferno, contains this warning in the description:


Some of the content in this story, particularly in a later chapter, have proven disturbing and upsetting for certain readers. Upon some discussion with others, it is clear that a warning beyond the mature tag is needed. This story is recommended to those who are serious about following Twilight through a very realistic hell. Don't do it lightly.

Additionally, regarding the editor, it says 'I also owe him an apology for the nightmare'.

It's my fault for not taking this warning seriously. I've seen other stories with such warnings, and this is the first time one has been relevant to me. I suppose it's about time one was.

Now, it is worth noting that the other story (Trixie vs. Equestria) has no such warnings. However, it is the one bothering me, not Twilight's Inferno (at least not on its own). I do not want to spoil anything for people planning to read either story, but I will say that I think it would have slightly less of an effect (although I'm not too sure) if I'd read Trixie vs. Equestria first.

I read one other story by PaulAsaran (Frequency), and although I will admit that 3 of 28 is a small sample of his work, it seems he quite likes tragedy/sad stories, and is good at making them.

I think, if I could make a different choice yesterday having read them now, I'd read only Twilight's Inferno and skip Trixie vs. Equestria. I'll also note that, if it were a different character (not Twilight Sparkle), my choice would be different. I quite like Twilight Sparkle (I sleep with a Twilight Sparkle stuffie thingy), which is why a tortured and mutilated Twilight Sparkle dying alone in a cardboard box in a dirty slum after going through an entirely undeserved hell bothers me more than it would if it were some other character.

I believe this story (composed of the 2 I've read) is another one that will stay in my memory for a long time. I applaud PaulAsaran for doing such a good job with them, at least in my eyes (I'm not a professional critic).

Also, I'm pretty sure the fact that I bothered making this post shows me how much I care about a fictional character. To you psychologists: is that a bad thing?

P.S. As for why I'm saying all of this and posting it here: these 2 short stories affected me in an entirely unexpected (to me) way, and I really feel like I want to say something about it. I am also attempting to be less lazy, and there are many topics I've intended to make posts about here. Obviously, I never got around to them. I may or may not go over this post later (I should, but I likely won't).

I also apologize for not spending much time making and organizing this post. I just want it done with. I think it's made me feel better, at least.

Side note: I've been reading a lot of horse stories here lately. While doing so, I've picked up and generated a lot of ideas that I like. I know I've never posted a real story here before, but I've recently been thinking about trying it. Anyone care to comment on my use of English in this post? I know that correct language usage is not the only important thing in a story, but it is certainly a big one. I've seen a lot of people screw it up, even in professionally published books, and I very much want to avoid all errors, large and small. Please critique this post.

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Also, I am a bit nervous about posting this, since I tend to hide my feelings, but I'll see how it goes

English is overused, and thus not cool anymore. Be a hipster and write your story in Esperanto.

for srs tho if you wrote a real story i'd probably read it


surprisingly enough, i have read the first story
second one was kind of boring so i skipped it
also seeing you write in proper english is strange

but I've recently been thinking about trying it.

do it pls

It's my fault for not taking this warning seriously.

I almost didn't include the warning for exactly that reason; anyone can add such a warning thinking they've made something spectacularly gut-wrenching. Most people see such warnings and roll their eyes. It was only through the encouragement of a few readers that I put the warning up at all.

At any rate, I consider this entire blog to be one big compliment, and I thank you for writing it. I'd like to say I'm sorry that the stories caused such a profound effect on you, but that's kinda what I was after with Twilight's Inferno, so... yeah. Yet I am surprised to find you considered Trixie vs. Equestria the most troubling and would love to get your reasoning behind that. Would I be correct in guessing that the discovery made by Trixie and the final comprehension of Twilight's fate had something to do with it?

You're right, I do like tragedy and sad stories, but I'm really a multi-genre writer. Trixie vs. Equestria is more of an adventure than anything, I enjoy writing slice-of-life and have hit it big with romance (Audience of One being a prime example).

Also, your English use in this post was fine as far as I can tell.

3146307 Thank you for thanking me. I'm glad you like my post. I'll admit I wasn't sure how you'd take it.

I'm not sure which discovery you mean—is it when she found Twilight Sparkle dead? That is the part that bothers me. There are 2 reasons:

Injury of a mind, to me, is a very bad thing, and destruction is the worst injury of all—it is permanent (mostly), and I find it abhorrent. For more information on my opinion of this, see Eliezer Yudkowsky's writings, including Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and info on Yehuda Yudkowsky (at least see 'Background for non-transhumanists' in the Yehuda post). Before the discovery of Twilight Sparkle's death, there was always the chance of her injuries being fixed, or at least her slow death being stopped. Now it is too late, barring extreme technological (or magical) advances that are not likely to happen for a long time, if ever, in that world.

It is also very unfortunate that Twilight Sparkle never saw her friends again, although I mostly take issue with being lost in a universe that is not your own. I am not sure why, but it has always bothered me since I first encountered the concept. It is a terrible sort of being alone, made worse by the friendless world in these stories. I suppose it is also an issue that her friends never got to see why Twilight Sparkle just disappeared, or what happened to her (unless this is addressed in a story I have not read). Of course, this is from a multi-world perspective, where Twilight Sparkle went down the wrong leg of the Trousers of Time and her home still exists elsewhere.

Oh, and, along with these, the place she died sucks a lot. That makes it worse than if she were, say, in a hospital bed. It emphasizes how alone she was.

I hope that helps you to understand my opinion (and emotional reaction).

Hey, you didn't make all of that just to get Trixie with Luna, did you? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

Yes, that's the scene I mentioned, and your reasonings all make perfect sense. They align with a lot of what I had in mind, in truth.

Hey, you didn't make all of that just to get Trixie with Luna, did you?

Considering I wrote TvE first? Nope.

There's going to be a lot more to this series – the prequel of TwI is already out – and you may be interested to know that there will be more consequences to Twilight's travels than what has already been revealed. Sadly, it'll be a while before I get to that part; I've got to write six more stories before I get to the Twilight-centric sequel.

3146530 Although I'm pretty sure that's a good thing, I still think it'd be funny if you'd made those stories just for a bit of romance.

I'd expect someone like Twilight to be smarter than to mess with time like that, and I'd normally be annoyed that she didn't think about the consequences of taking the big crown thingy with her, but it matches her cartoon intelligence in the show. Not every Twilight can be Archmage Twilight Sparkle.

Thank you for reading my post and responding to me. I honestly was not expecting you to bother, since I know a lot of other people wouldn't.

What's funny (to me) is that my original intention was to write a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comedy story and instead it exploded into... well, what it is. How things can change in such a short time.

I'll admit, I haven't been responding to as many comments as I used to, mostly because it's getting to the point that I'm repeating myself in the stories' comment threads. It's not every day someone actually writes a blog about one of my stories,though, much less two; when that happens I tend to pay attention. Assuming I know about it, that is.

>comedy story
I'd say you failed spectacularly at that :derpytongue2:

Do you have a FAQ post somewhere, then? :moustache:

Nope, no FAQ posts... although that might be a good idea considering the TvE-verse is set to be 10 books long in the end. I do have a personal glossary and timeline, both incomplete, and if you check my Thursday blogs you'll find a link to my publication schedule. I' mostly playing the cards close to my chest for the future events of TvE, though.

3146800 I will take a look. Don't worry, I'll put the look back when I'm done :twilightsmile:

Oh good, I'm rather particular about my looks. :trollestia:

3146852 …I don't know what I was expecting :facehoof:

Holy hell, I get phone stolen for a week and then this guy uses English and decides to write? Did I die? :applejackconfused:

>decides to follow troll
>ages go by
>gets phone pickpocketed
>gets phone back from 5-0
>scrolls through feed
>iloveportalz0r speaks in not 100% lel
>speaks of actually writing
>must be dead

Edit:10/10 must read

3163771 apologies, sleep deprived state :ajsleepy:

3163777 butts:
>maymay arrows
>not green
>not even some random other color

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