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  • Today
    Finally made a new story.

    Discord in the New World

    Basically its the Third Overlord crossover on the site. I mean this Overlord.

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  • 28 weeks
    Yeah I'm about to lose my Fanfiction account

    UPDATE: One of the admins replied to my abuse report email. They're asking for links to everything Blaze has done. I'm compiling a comprehensive list of all of her offences, both against me, and the rest of you. If I manage to pull together enough evidence, she might just get banned.

    They are going to ban me. I asked for help and this time I REALLY NEED IT!

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  • 29 weeks
    I have to cancel

    Yeah my story idea is sadly dead. As I being threatened repeatedly by the band of trolls from fanfiction on so many other sites and apps I just can't. I can't write it, and furthermore I don't think I can write Pokemon ever again... or even play it.

    I just know they are going to attack me here as well and no one's bothering to help. ;~;

    I'm sorry everything is cancelled.

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  • 35 weeks
    Teaser for my new Story

    Wait this can't be true! Me preparing another story on Fimfiction!? Yeah, I am.

    Loki: When are you going to finish my story?

    Bad Loki! *tosses back into the 4th wall* Now then let's go on about what it is going to be with a teaser!

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    Fanfiction Issues

    My friend talks about the issues of Fanfiction Pokemon Community.

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new projects · 9:09pm Jun 13th, 2015

For the summer I have big plans.

Two big projects could be coming along.

Also expected some one-shots as full on stories are getting too tiring.

Chaotic Will will hopefully be updated this month and Yugioh Chaos Reborn will become a weekly updates for a while.

As for the projects? If someone like a certain new Unicorn villain I might need some help.

Also I'm opening myself for chapter development and proofreading.

Finally giving how some of you maybe saddened to see something with my stories rest assured I well give them a new life as something probably better.

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Comments ( 4 )

sounds like you have your hands full

I don't follow what the first project is but its quite generous to open ones self up to help others :twilightsmile:

3146672 Well I've been helping a few others on the sight giving advice and help.


It was much appreciated when you helped me.

Even without the advice it was nice just being reminded that some people like my story :twilightsmile:

Seems your going to be busy.

Hope things turn out well.

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