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Slice of life Review and recap. (HAPPY 100th Episode Milestone) · 4:42pm Jun 13th, 2015

Well, We Did it. 5 seasons,30 (or more) Characters,and Lots of plot twists(well not really). But Still we did it. 100th Episode of My little pony (Gen4). In today episode, Everypony got a voice (including some familiar ones) but wait, There more. They also got they own individual Short story to tell. Derpy Hooves made a mistakes with the invitations, Cranky and miltda have a wedding,Doctor hooves learn to bowl,Bon-Bon have a secret life,and octiva and Dj pon-3 Make new music together. and if you miss the whole mix mash-up of Stories in this episode. Here a recap. Milta make a Scrapbook with the picture of Crank and her. Crank went to Derpy but she make a Mistake on the invitation (awwww,Derpy).Then Doctor whooves say he invite a time machine and help her travel back in time to fix it. But Doctor whooves ask vinyl who was listen to her headphones at the time and Drag him to the Bowling alley where he met a Group of male Stallion who was on the bowling team together. oh, and before i forgot there was a monster called a Bearbug. Like really, A Bearbug like seriously. That actually kinda cool but bad. Anyway The wedding was the main storyline. The bearbug wasn't it. Anyway, at the wedding Celestia and luna forget to bring the gift for the couple because Celestia was suppose to bring because Luna did for Cadence and Armour (Who was crying at START of the Wedding) Really, Armour. At the end Derpy hooves lock the mane six out and mayor mare Start the Bendciaton of every charcter who appear at the wedding (Did anypony notice a changeling in the crowd, cause i did). anyway, Mayor mare tell that everypony has they own story and we the star of it all. That pretty much how the episode was playing out. The wedding was beautiful and the episode was awesome. So i give it a 5 muffin of 5. I'm proud that Hasbro create a show that everypony will love and Let the fandom to share this Episode with the world.

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In today episode, Everypony got a voice

Bullshit. Carrot Top only showed up on one of the balconies at the wedding and did not speak. She is still solidly a background pony.

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