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Gummy is the Final Castlevania Boss · 4:34pm Jun 13th, 2015

So today the episode just happened and fortunately I was awake to see it from start to finish. So I wanna get my quick thoughts about the episode in right away.

There's no denying it. There were a LOT of panda rings going around, but it wasn't in my face too much as I had originally thought it would be. I was worried it was gonna crash like the last Derpy episode she had a voice in (I mean seriously the fandom responded awfully), but I think DHX Studios learned from that and did better with her. To me, she's just likes to have fun but will be serious if she needs to. But overall her personality is bubbling (don't tell me you didn't see that one coming).

Time Turner wasn't the doctor we expected, but I'm glad they still made him a scientist. I wonder how he and Twilight would get along. Certainly at least they must have a debate every now and then. It seems he was a true believer in science at heart, while Twilight does a little in science but majorly is an advocate for magic.

The Flower Trio? Not much to say. I mean they were the same as they were in Season 1.

Lyra and Bon Bon. Now I can't say I'm a huge fan of Lyra's valley girl voice, but it seems to fit Bon Bon just fine. Or should I say... Bon BOND?!

Btw can somebody shout "OC BACKSTORIES"? Because Time Turner and Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops certainly had those moments. Lotsa story for their backstory. I'm sure the fandom will come up with lots of things for those two.

Oh btw, Egophiliac you sweet sweet bastard. You really did predict Bon Bon well with your tumblr of the same name.

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. Well I gotta say that they were... far by the most unique twist. Roommates, I did expect. Maybe a team up? Yes. But uh... wow Vinyl's setup is quite a wild ride. Was it my favorite part of the episode? Nah, but I think it was alright.

Dat Changeling tho. THOOOOOOO. How did he even get in Ponyville, much less than the actual wedding! You'd think after the last fiasco, Changelings are permanently banned from weddings. I guess Shining Armor was too busy being emotional and Cadence too busy comforting him to pay attention to the wittle bug. Btw totally glad they didn't make Shining Armor a total man-man about his emotions. With his personality, he's gotta have a soft side.

Anyway I spoke enough. I think the rest of the skype chat will sum up my thoughts.

[8:26:52 AM] marikazemus34: It's real.
[8:28:18 AM] Coco Noote: nuuueee episode 2 minutes!
[8:30:21 AM] Flanagan: And then shit will be blown out of proportion in 32.
[8:31:52 AM] Flanagan: And so it begins...
[8:32:21 AM] Coco Noote: commercial break
[8:32:24 AM] Coco Noote: oooh nooooo
[8:32:34 AM] marikazemus34: Oh dear, here we go.
[8:32:35 AM] Coco Noote: nooooooooooo
[8:32:50 AM] Coco Noote: THE PANDA RINGSSSS!
[8:32:51 AM] marikazemus34: "They're suffering a form of schizophrenia, everyone. They think they're seeing pandas everywhere."
[8:32:56 AM] Flanagan: I wonder how many people's headcanons will be ruined.
[8:33:16 AM] Flanagan: I also wonder how many idiots will declare their ships to be canon.
[8:33:27 AM] Coco Noote: WE WAITED 2 WEEKS FORTHIS ONE
[8:33:37 AM] marikazemus34: It's episode 100. They wanted to give a love letter to the fandom.
[8:33:38 AM] Coco Noote: ok going back to TV
[8:33:46 AM] marikazemus34: And if the episode is funny regardless, what does it matter?
[8:37:51 AM] Flanagan: Awww shit son... a Pandawing!
[8:38:58 AM] Coco Noote: yeah didn't expect a panda bee
[8:38:59 AM] Flanagan: Please tell me that's what it's called.
[8:39:15 AM] Twinkletail: I figured it was a bugbear
[8:39:21 AM] Coco Noote: it has a stinger
[8:39:28 AM] Twinkletail: Creative license
[8:39:36 AM] Flanagan: Bumblebear then?
[8:39:37 AM] Coco Noote: so uh
[8:39:40 AM] Twinkletail: Taking the name a bit literally
[8:39:40 AM] Coco Noote: Doctor Whooves
[8:39:44 AM] Coco Noote: not really out of the window
[8:40:01 AM] Coco Noote: I like that they made him more of a scientist than an alien
[8:40:07 AM] Flanagan: Not voiced by David Tennant +1 sin.
[8:40:19 AM] Coco Noote: too obvious man
[8:40:26 AM] Coco Noote: that guy ain't gonna go for that
[8:40:26 AM] Flanagan: I know.
[8:40:33 AM] Coco Noote: the youtuber
[8:40:36 AM] Coco Noote: not David
[8:40:38 AM] Coco Noote: well I mean
[8:40:41 AM] Coco Noote: well it's obvious now
[8:41:08 AM] Coco Noote: anyway at this point, I think Derpy is just slightly childish but not that much
[8:41:11 AM] Coco Noote: she's just playful
[8:41:13 AM] Coco Noote: likes to fool around
[8:41:21 AM] Coco Noote: at least that's the angle I hope they're going for
[8:41:43 AM] marikazemus34: It's a lot more fun and adorable than her being stupid.
[8:46:18 AM] marikazemus34: THEY ACTUALLY CALLED HIM
[8:46:22 AM] marikazemus34: STEVEN MAGNET
[8:47:03 AM] Coco Noote: lol
[8:47:10 AM] Coco Noote: and the Bugbear is really a Bugbear
[8:47:19 AM] Twinkletail: I nailed that shit
[8:47:20 AM] Twinkletail: Gimme a dollar
[8:47:20 AM] Coco Noote: although Bon Bon tho
[8:47:22 AM] Coco Noote: or should I say
[8:47:23 AM] Flanagan: I was more pleased that Aloe had an eastern european accent.
[8:47:25 AM] Coco Noote: Bon BOND
[8:47:40 AM] Coco Noote: praises Egophilliac
[8:47:41 AM] marikazemus34: The amount of times they said "Best Friend" is very suspicious.
[8:47:58 AM] Coco Noote: well I guess Hasbro was afraid to say lesbians
[8:48:08 AM] Flanagan: I call my best friend best friend all the time.
[8:48:12 AM] Coco Noote: also, I don't like lyra's valley girl voice
[8:48:13 AM] Flanagan: does that make us gay?
[8:48:16 AM] Coco Noote: it just seems a bit off
[8:48:16 AM] marikazemus34: "All the benches we sad on!
[8:48:19 AM] Twinkletail: I had no expectations for Hasbro to make them lovers, so I'm just super-happy they made them so close at all
[8:48:30 AM] Coco Noote: well a lover is a best friend you can touch
[8:48:38 AM] Coco Noote: so yeah that's the closest thing to a lover
[8:48:41 AM] Twinkletail: You can't touch your best friends?
[8:48:42 AM] Twinkletail: Well shit
[8:48:47 AM] Flanagan: ^
[8:48:50 AM] Twinkletail: No wonder I don't get invited out much anymore
[8:48:59 AM] Flanagan: pffffft...
[8:49:27 AM] Coco Noote: so dem bowling trio
[8:49:34 AM] Flanagan: I saw Jurassic world yesterday.
[8:49:38 AM] Coco Noote: is that real in the movie?\
[8:49:52 AM] Coco Noote: being bowling champions or pro players?
[8:49:54 AM] Flanagan: Second best movie in the franchise.
[8:49:59 AM] Coco Noote: or at least moderally good at bowling?
[8:50:27 AM] Flanagan: It was a local competition Coco.
[8:51:07 AM] Flanagan: Yaks confirmed in Equestria.
[8:52:22 AM] Flanagan: Watch bronies have this mix at their weddings now.
[8:59:49 AM] *** Flanagan was impressed. ***
[9:00:30 AM] Coco Noote: and Colgate/Minuette makes a return
[9:00:33 AM] Coco Noote: also
[9:00:38 AM] Coco Noote: that changeling
[9:00:46 AM] Coco Noote: lik
[9:00:49 AM] Coco Noote: like
[9:00:52 AM] Coco Noote: HOW?!
[9:01:06 AM] Flanagan: He was there for the free lunch.
[9:01:29 AM] Coco Noote: well i'm surprised nopony threw him out
[9:01:37 AM] marikazemus34: Wow, fuckin' wow.
[9:01:43 AM] marikazemus34: Christity Christ Christ Christ.
[9:02:01 AM] Flanagan: I suppose you liked it Mar.
[9:02:28 AM] Coco Noote: so there were a lot of things we learned today
[9:02:30 AM] Coco Noote: A LOT
[9:02:42 AM] Coco Noote: I suppose many ships today are still intact
[9:03:03 AM] Coco Noote: but also
[9:03:04 AM] Coco Noote: GUMMY
[9:03:10 AM] marikazemus34: I mean, wow.
[9:03:11 AM] Coco Noote: that was something I didn't expected!
[9:03:21 AM] Flanagan: Gummy's bit was amazing.
[9:03:31 AM] marikazemus34: The problem is that I don't know if people who aren't into fanon will enjoy it.
[9:03:37 AM] Coco Noote: he's totally Castlevania's final boss
[9:03:49 AM] marikazemus34: I mean, the fact that the episode was tied around a single idea, prepping for a wedding, definitely helped.
[9:03:59 AM] marikazemus34: I just don't know if this episode is OBJECTIVELY funny.
[9:04:06 AM] Coco Noote: The problem is that I don't know if people who aren't into fanon will enjoy it.not everybody can be please, man
[9:04:11 AM] Coco Noote: there's always going to be the nitpickers
[9:04:22 AM] Coco Noote: I mean, I was afraid there was going to be too much panda rings
[9:04:35 AM] Coco Noote: and I was right, but I think DHX handled it fine
[9:04:40 AM] Coco Noote: it wasn't too much in your face
[9:04:49 AM] Coco Noote: I mean the twist with Bon Bon(d) tho
[9:05:00 AM] Coco Noote: ok maybe that was too much
[9:05:05 AM] Flanagan: I'm not too into the fanon and I enjoyed it.
[9:05:08 AM] Coco Noote: there were at least two scenes with OC-like backstories
[9:05:25 AM] marikazemus34: [9:05 AM] Flanagan:

<<< I'm not too into the fanon and I enjoyed it.Good to know.
[9:05:57 AM] Flanagan: I mean hell I'm pretty drained when it comes to fanon.
[9:08:55 AM] marikazemus34: Gummy. Just... Gummy.
[9:10:27 AM] Coco Noote: the Final Boss of Castlevania
[9:11:10 AM] marikazemus34: What? Was he a nihilist?
[9:14:40 AM] Coco Noote: ok I can't stand it anymore
[9:14:42 AM] Coco Noote: i must say it
[9:15:16 AM] Coco Noote: VICTORY SCREECH
[9:15:52 AM] marikazemus34: Playful arguments?
[9:16:45 AM] Coco Noote: more like they'll argue over small things and act like they won't talk to each other again afterwards, but they still love each other
[9:16:57 AM] Coco Noote: it's so cute!
[9:17:22 AM] marikazemus34: Like sisters.
[9:18:15 AM] Flanagan: I was just happy that they were there.
[9:18:33 AM] Coco Noote: they definitely needed screen time
[9:18:46 AM] Coco Noote: also glad Shining isn't a manly man
[9:18:51 AM] Coco Noote: also that joke about "What is a man?"
[9:21:50 AM] Flanagan: A miserable pile of secrets?
[9:22:28 AM] Coco Noote: yes
[9:23:19 AM] Coco Noote: Anyway, the episode? pretty good I suppose. I mean i'll admit
[9:23:24 AM] Coco Noote: there were some times that was slightly off putting
[9:23:31 AM] Coco Noote: i'll be honest Vinyl Scratch's ride was uh
[9:23:34 AM] Coco Noote: maybe too much
[9:23:47 AM] Coco Noote: but honestly it's not enough to make me dislike the panda rings
[9:23:55 AM] marikazemus34: My only problem was that sometimes the episode felt like it was gesturing to hardcore bronies and saying "GET IT?!"
[9:24:35 AM] marikazemus34: But it still works because every scene that can be considered pandering either has a point, or is just so absurd that it's its own breed of hilarious.
[9:24:50 AM] marikazemus34: Like, the Lyra and Bon Bon scene is funny even without knowing who they are.
[9:25:00 AM] Coco Noote: yeah i believe that was the aim they were going for.
[9:25:08 AM] Coco Noote: this certainly was a love letter to the fandom
[9:25:16 AM] marikazemus34: And Steven Magnet is awesome.
[9:25:16 AM] Coco Noote: it's not too mushy, but it was thoughtful at the very least
[9:25:43 AM] marikazemus34: It's amazing how well he fits into the show, and the idea of him being buddies with Cranky was very creative.
[9:25:50 AM] Coco Noote: eheh
[9:25:57 AM] Coco Noote: to be honest, i forget Cranky was the donkey
[9:26:05 AM] Coco Noote: i thought Steven was referring to the Bugbear actually
[9:26:11 AM] marikazemus34: Odd.
[9:26:11 AM] Coco Noote: the name seems to fit
[9:26:29 AM] Coco Noote: but when Steven started talking about the wedding, i remembered
[9:26:38 AM] Coco Noote: and then i was slightly disappointed but uh
[9:26:40 AM] Coco Noote: well
[9:26:51 AM] Coco Noote: it would be awkward if Matilda was marrying a Bugbear, now would it?
[9:26:56 AM] marikazemus34: Pfftp.
[9:27:07 AM] Coco Noote: but hey tho
[9:27:09 AM] Coco Noote: random monster attack
[9:27:20 AM] Coco Noote: perfectly good explanation why the Bugbear is in town
[9:27:21 AM] Coco Noote: well okay
[9:27:28 AM] Coco Noote: they actually did explain it through Bon Bond
[9:27:42 AM] Coco Noote: (which btw is a totally cooler name than Sweetie Drops)
[9:27:55 AM] Coco Noote: although Tartarus?
[9:28:01 AM] Coco Noote: man how bad is that monster?
[9:28:29 AM | Edited 9:28:43 AM] Coco Noote: was the Bugbear really that bad enough to deserve a sentence to literal Hell('s Prison)?
[9:28:44 AM] Blueshift: its racism
[9:28:51 AM] Coco Noote: but it's white tho
[9:29:03 AM] Coco Noote: and black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow
[9:29:20 AM | Edited 9:29:49 AM] Coco Noote: it's white, black, and asian
[9:29:27 AM] Coco Noote: can we leave it at that?
[9:30:19 AM] Coco Noote: Sparkler didn't do much
[9:31:00 AM] marikazemus34: Well, who wants to see someone going over arrangements?
[9:31:12 AM] marikazemus34: It's what I call "Phantom Menacing".
[9:31:21 AM] Coco Noote: eh she was kinda boring
[9:31:28 AM] marikazemus34: Clogging up your creative work with lists, laws, and council meetings.
[9:31:30 AM] Coco Noote: i'm glad Twilight replaced her as the "Town's Organizer"
[9:31:49 AM] Coco Noote: but uh, i suppose every town needs that one boring individual
[9:32:19 AM] marikazemus34: So we get this marvelous episode AND Roy and Ryu are confirmed for Smash Bros!
[9:32:22 AM] marikazemus34: This is a good day!
[9:32:28 AM] Coco Noote: Very good day

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Comments ( 6 )

This episode made me use the sentence "What a day! What a lovely day!" entirely honestly for the first time since seeing Fury Road.

so your saying tha Gummy = Dracula?

Also sad that Neither David Tennant Nor Matt Smith voiced Time Turner. it's actually the same guy who voiced Blueblood and Sombra...the reason Tennant and Smith didn't voice him is because Smith was busy WITH TERMINATOR GENESIS. and David, is busy going on tour for a Macbeth theatre performance.

I agree, how the heck did that Changeling GET IN THE WEDDING, much less in Ponyville. though I agree with your buddy that he was there for a free lunch. Just, subtly feeding off of the love at the wedding...but seriously, we had CELESTIA. CADENCE...AND LUNA all there at the wedding. HOW. THE SHOCK. DID THAT GUY GET IN AND NOT GET SPOTTED?! IT'S EVEN FUNNIER BECAUSE HE'S NOT DISGUISED.

None of my headcanons were disproven, and a few proved I WAS RIGHT

And only the foals noticed! Like this is some top tier bullshit right here going about!

What a lovely day!

Existentialist Gummy doesn't talk like Pessoa. I am disappoint..... :rainbowlaugh:

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