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  • 188 weeks

    Not sure how many of you are actually going to see this or even care anymore, but I figured I'd take some time while I'm not a complete zombie to outline my current plans for FEWL, the possible restart of An Old Equestrian Storm (AOES) and more.

    From Eorzea With Love

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    FEWL Delays: Just burned out...

    So yeah, I'm just burned out on life in general at this point. Crap's hit the fan a few times at home. Had an extra shift at work this week which has left me perpetually tired and barely able to do anything... It's just the usual BS that stacks up over time.

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    Heavensward. Heavens' Ward. Heaven Sward.

    Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about all of you. I've just been... busy. As some of you are likely aware, Final Fantasy XIV recently released its first expansion. I got caught up in the Early Access and then the full release, which took up nearly all of my time outside of work.

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    FEWL: It's been a week? Where's 007?

    Since some of you are probably curious, here's the rundown of what's been happening with me over the last week.
    Work's been killing me, so that effectively blocks me from writing anything coherent for about four days out of the seven. The other three were a general lack of motivation after the last chapter.

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My Mind's telling me no, but my wallet... my wallet's telling me yes! · 12:03am Jun 13th, 2015

So, as many of you likely know, Steam is currently having its summer sale. So, instead of saving money so I can keep my FFXIV subscription going for another few months, I threw my hard-earned cash at an array of games that I'd long been curious about or no longer had a usable copy of.

Long story short, I'm apologizing for the potential delays on 006. I have been working on it and the first section's ready to go, but the second section still needs about another five hundred to a thousand words before I can really call it complete. I won't make promises on when it'll be ready, but there's a likely chance I'll start fiddling around with it once I start downloading The Witcher 2.

For a hint at the chapter's content so far... I'm ashamed to admit that it turned into more Diskiru fluff.

Oh god I just named the ship. I'm sorry. My fingers move, but my brain doesn't control them at times.

Anyways, tentative estimate on 006 is by this Sunday. If I have to, I'll recruit Canary to yell at me until I get back to work.

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