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  • 76 weeks
    Well, I Finally Got Tails of Equestria

    Hey... again hopefully I’ll be around more this time but we’ll see.

    So, you all know I love me some Tabletop RPG, well last week a I got my little niece a set of dice to get her into the hobby and just today finally got Tails.

    I’m pretty excited, I’m sure it’ll be fun... I hope I don’t screw up GMing like I normally do but it’s a simple enough game.

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    5 comments · 141 views
  • 93 weeks
    I’m More Than Annoyed

    Well, I’m more than annoyed.

    The new Shadowrun matrix book Kill Code has been announced and it had some input from the community.

    That’s good, the bad is one particular member.

    I’ve ranted before so you probably know where I’m going, Bamce, the stupidest, worst, mod ever, well now he’s officially in a book.

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    0 comments · 132 views
  • 106 weeks
    Bright Again

    I already complained about this but seriously, screw the movie.

    The sequel is coming, and a lot of people have the same response, but I’m the one that gets targeted for saying it?

    Screw Bright, you are not Shadowrun, you will never be Shadowrun, and if I ran the Union I would time out or ban anyone who brings it up without giving them an actual connection to a good series.

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  • 113 weeks
    Freaking Bright, I am SICK of Bright

    So who here actually knows about Bright?

    Long story short it’s a generic buddy cop movie from Netflix starring William Smith.


    It’s a buddy cop movie, but it has a gimmick, they shove fantasy in because, “Now it’s something special!”

    Problem is they explain NOTHING!

    Now, why does this movie just piss me the hell off? Because Shadowrun.

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    4 comments · 155 views
  • 114 weeks
    Man, I’ve Been Gone Too Long...

    What is this like the fifth time I’m saying that?

    What can I say? I was looking at a few of my old FoE PnP characters, that drew me to the FoE Subreddit, and that linked me back here.

    Man, my last blog was forever ago and it was just complaining about Shadowrun groups...

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Hey, Who Wants to see an Awesome GTA5 Stunt? · 9:56pm Jun 11th, 2015

Nothing else needs to be said if you ask me.

Report G-man64 · 110 views · #GTA5 #Truck Jump #Stunt #Crazy
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Comments ( 2 )

How the heck was that even possible?

From what the description says, practice and luck.

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