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"Tim, you're just so nice nobody could hate you. We all are secretly in love with you." ~bats

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A Lesson in Writing · 6:35pm Jun 10th, 2015

For those of you who might be following "That Dumb Flower," you might recall that I stated in the Author's Notes (and on the story page) that I would update the story daily until complete, which would mean all five chapters would be posted by Friday this week.


Yeah, I'm finding myself (and a few readers!) growing a little impatient with that, so good news for those of you waiting for it to finish before reading! As I post this blog, the last three chapters are published and the story is complete!

While it may seem a little bizarre for me to forego what looks like a regular update schedule, it does bring me to the point of this blog: a reflection of sorts about my latest story. First off, I always have been and will continue to be bad at estimating story length. What started out as an idea for an 8-9,000 word one-shot spiraled out into a much longer story that I decided to split up into smaller chapters. However, because it was originally planned to be a one-shot, it probably would have made more sense to publish all five chapters at once instead of the one chapter per day thing I went with in the end.

Also, for those of you who saw the story in the first few hours it was live, you probably noticed the rather, er, totally dumb and stupid lackluster description. I've fixed it since then, but this and the way I decided to post chapters told me that I still have a heck of a ways to go when it comes to actually posting stories. For this one, I was so happy and so eager to get the thing published that I completely overlooked the more detailed things that are still quite important (i.e. description and how I'm publishing chapters). That was kind of a wake-up call for me, and I won't be overlooking those kinds of things again.

As for the story itself, I found myself having a lot of fun with "That Dumb Flower." The story idea was given to me by Incredible Blunderbutt when I was griping about a lack of story ideas a few months ago, and after some collaborative brainstorming this came into fruition! I wanted to try and tackle shipping from a different angle than I'm used to and implement characters that I've never written before (i.e. Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Roseluck). Basically, I wanted to make myself go out of my comfort zone a little here to avoid getting stuck in a rut (and not the fun kind~). Overall, I think the story has been a success and I wanted to thank everyone who has read it for reading it.

Now that this story is done, I can move on to other projects, so stay tuned! I can't promise when anything will happen, but I can promise that stuff will happen (eventually)!

Report Timaeus · 371 views · Story: That Dumb Flower · #Story Update
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Comments ( 8 )

>inb4 Tchernobutt makes an "APPLEDASH, YOU FOOL!" comment

3137397 bitch, I can do that on skype.

If you need advice, feel free to send me a PM. I know a thing or two about publishing stories.

Could ... Could it be? Is it possible?

Yes! Tim posted a story AND did a blog! He's active again! Wooooo!

Well... anyone can publish stories. E.L. James has a published trilogy of Twilight fanfiction that's being turned into Hollywood films.

I don't think anyone really needs advice on that front.

In my (admittedly limited) experience, for shorter stories (say under 30-50K), if you've got the whole thing written anyway, you're better off publishing it all at once.

The amount of attention you lose from scaring people with limited attention spans away by the word count is less than the amount you'll gain by attracting people with the magic green 'Complete' badge.

Even with the promise of daily updates, a lot of people will RL the sucker and wait until it's all available, which wastes your heat time. This all assumes that you care about The System™ and taking advantage of it, of course.


That's what I'm starting to find after this last go-round. As much as I'd like to say that I don't write to play the system and get attention, because honestly that isn't why I write, I can't say that I don't enjoy being featured and seeing those green thumbs pile up.

Also, it appears fimfic somehow dicked me over as people have not been getting notifications as I published the other chapters, so this one will probably be considered rather flop-ish for me in terms of overall views/favs/votes compared to my other stories.


New chapters don't show up as actual feed notifications (though they appear as items in the feed, possibly a bug), but they should show up as library entries, unless the person in question viewed them while it was unpublished. But it won't hit the front page as a new update more than once every 24 hours.

(I seem to have the correct library notifications, but then I just now added it to a tracking shelf.)

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