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[NEW STORY] I need someone or a group of people to help. · 6:41pm Jun 9th, 2015

I'm taking a break from the "Apples: Immortal Tree" editing, and I am going to start a Rainbow Dash fic which I was planning on doing these past couple of days.

The fic goes, in essence: Rainbow Dash, on one Nightmare Night, dresses up as a Shadowbolt and calls herself Shadehilt. (Yes, this is anthro) This Nightmare Night, she begins by acting a bit out of character by trapping a stallion (though I'm thinking of making it a mare instead) in a corner and raping him (or her, for the mare). Thinking initially her new partner enjoyed it, she finds herself not caring at she's in costume anyway.

The costume doesn't take on a life of its own, as in "the Mask," but whenever Dashie puts it on, she finds herself with the urge to go out and cause more disorder to fulfill her lustful and some times downright sadistic tendencies. It's bad enough she puts the suit on every night, but now the suit almost calls to her like she's addicted to it as if it were a drug.

Any way, I may accept one or two of you to help me get the drive to write it.

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