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For a moment - My Little Mermaid (Fluttershy and Twilight, also MLM spoilers) · 10:59am Jun 9th, 2015

Okay, get a grip, get a hang of these wings
It's hard suddenly flapping two big yellow things
This way is left so which way is right
Oh, now I'll be flying in in circles all night

Oh, so this is forward. No problem.

I can't believe I can get up this high
I can finally reach, not just stare at the sky
Out of my cottage, not stuck in a cage
Look out sky, I can fly, so here I am

For a moment all of me
Is alive and at home in the clouds
I'm spinning and twirling, so speedy and strong
I know for a fact that I’ve waited too long

For a moment, life is cool
I'm a bird in Cloudsdale’s pool
This is more than my thoughts ever thought it could be
For a moment, just a moment, lucky me

If only for one moment
I have shared with you all I know
The sky wouldn't be a mystery
But why did you have to go?

Everything's newer, and brighter and bluer
And truer to life than before
Watch me soar
For a moment I can shine
Got a grin and these wings, they work fine
The glare’s in my face but I really don't care
Nor if I get the clouds stuck in my hair

For a moment I can feel
All the dreams I've been dreaming are real
Wish my mother could hear it, the sky is my song
For a moment, just a moment, I belong

I will find you my daughter
And the moment that I do
I'll hold you close, my Fluttershy
And sing the song of the sky with you
Sing the song of the sky with you

For a moment, just a moment, I belong

Yes, I made this myself.
It makes sense, cause I was thinking like: In the first movie, Twilight Sparkle is a pegasus who dreams of becoming a unicorn, and you know, meets Prince (Flash Sentry?) , falls in love, uses spell, has three days to get the prince to fall in love with her, defeats monster and la di da, becomes a unicorn forever by her mom, who is a pegasus. Yes, it will be Twilight Velvet.
Then, they have a daughter, aka Fluttershy, who is the complete opposite of Twilight and dreams of becoming of Pegasus. However, in the end, after having a small taste of her wish, she decides to stay a unicorn, but Twilight tells her about the flight spell she learnt, and Fluttershy realises if her mom wasn't an Alicorn, it wouldn't be possible to do that.
So, there you have it. What do you think?
I mean, I already have My Little Fairy to write, but you know, this could happen. Heck, 5 to 10 years later it might even be animated! Who knows? (Well, if it's allowed, ya know)

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Comments ( 17 )

Yeah, we need to get back to writing My Little Fairy.

Have you seen my ponies as mermaids pictures?

I've just been a bit....out of it lately. I haven't written anything for the past week. I keep checking out Myrill Moth's page, and hoping one day I could be like that. I did notice that she's had an account for three years now, and has definitly improved over time. I'm hoping I'll improve to the point that I can update much more frequently. I'm just....14 you know? Ideas aren't really flowing right now.
How are you going though?

I love them! Surprised you only did those three though-
Go Applefritter!

It's no problem. There's no need to rush. It's better to take it slowly, take our time, make something beautiful, and both really enjoy it. Am I still even talking about writing? :rainbowlaugh:

I didn't do those three for any particular reason — it just ended up that way. I avoided the mane 6 though because other better artists have done those as mermaids already.

(psst... MythrilMoth is a "he")

Speaking of such, I managed to write a bit more of Pinkie Pie's
Oh and I really need to work out RD's part

Are you kidding me? I'd love to see you do the M6!

Why do I even bother? So many males....

That's probably more than me. I've done a bit of Twilight's part but not much.

The tail I used for all three, I just copied and recoloured from this picture and she's already done the mane 6 as mermaids. (And indeed as centaurs.)


Yes, well, you are an adult and therefore have more responsibilties. I've just been having a hard time thinking lately. But I'm on a creative spur now!
Also, I started writing down plot ideas for future chapters for "My Appledash Fantasy" (That's the title btw) and I'm very pleased with the result! :)

I see. Still, you did a good job :)

3134399 "My Appledash Fantasy" — is that the musical, or something else?

Hehe, that's the one. I wanted to make the title have the word My in it, like My Little Pony. Took me a while to come up with it.
...Do you like it?

3134409 Dunno. Sounds a bit cloppy. How about My Little High School Musical?

I was at the local duck pond the other day and someone had left their High School Musical surfboard floating around in it. Firstly, who buys a High School Musical surfboard? Secondly, who goes surfing in a duck pond?

Uh, well, I don't like it. It just makes it sound like a High School Musical crossover, and that's not what I wanted. I mean, it is a musical, but...it's also Appledash. And I wanted a way to express that as well.

But, um, cloppy?

3134421 Good point. It does sound like a crossover. But I do still think My AppleDash Fantasy sounds like it will be clop. But maybe that's just because that's how my AppleDash fantasies tend to end?

Ohhhhh.....I get it now. And, you're right, that is not my intention either.

3134431 AppleDash: The Musical?

I did consider that, and it would be easier, but that doesn't have "My" in it.
I suppose if nothing else comes to mind I'll use it

3135491 My Little AppleDash: Singing is Magic

Ah! There it is! That's perfect! I-
That's the one! Oh, thank you so very much! I really love it!

3136370 How do… how are you doing that with your hair? :pinkiegasp:

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