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[New Article] User reportedly claimed by cancer; asks for more comments · 12:01pm Jun 8th, 2015

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means. Free from the shackles of the educational institution, bored and attention-starved teenagers crawl onto the net in droves to socialize 24/7 and (often) get stirred up in all kinds of shit. Fimfic, sadly, doesn't have the good fortune to be exempt from it. I don't think we can complain too much, though. It does make for a lot of good material. Which is, of course, always nice.

Anyway, have a post for today on the latest death-claimant. It's not quite Tgtf-level, no, but it's enough to impress in its shamelessness. Just look at it.

Maaaaaybe it's legit, but, in all honesty? If you ask me, it's almost pitiful in how obvious it's not. I mean, you can almost literally feel how they must be soaking up the attention from those comments and PMs... It baffles me how people both get the inspiration to make these claims in the first place -- and always seem to get suckered into believing it, as well. 'Tis a painful cycle, but, with the death claims, at least it doesn't last. These accounts end up getting banned anyway. Bit of an ironic justice, in that.

Also, we just remembered that we have a group on Fimfic that the ol' Drama Guy left behind. So we prettied it up, and made it open to the general public. Karma's idea, but, I can't see that lasting long. Not really much we can do with it, unless those contests/writeoffs finally get off the ground... but hey, if you feel like joining anyway, be our guest. You could probably do a little worse in terms of group choice.

Lastly, today is Our Lord and Savior knighty's 26th birthday! So, yeah, go wish him happy happy expunged-from-the-womb-day favors and stuff. Be sure to post some nice Fluttershy pics; I hear he likes those, apparently.

Stay awesome, Fimfic.

What a day for someone to "die", huh?

--Minkie, F2P Reporter

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Comments ( 22 )
Happy #1 · Jun 8th, 2015 · · 1 ·

We're jumping to everyday claims of cancer by random obscure users as potential drama fuel now?

From now on, I will tag every blog post of mine with #hail hydra, and I encourage others to do the same.


Well, cancer is so last year... But the girl already has 87 followers, despite writing a blog about her dying followed by "I'm not dead yet!"

The only reason she asked for comments is because they were the only thing keeping her alive. She had already lost her brother and her mother, so she didn't have much family with her to help her through.

Comment posted by Scootaloo96 deleted Jun 8th, 2015

People who fake claims of cancer should get REAL cancer so they know the kind of pain ACTUAL patients go through.

3132206 Again, still not seeing how that last part is relevant. It doesn't change anything.

3132795 She didn't like her dad that's why she wasn't spending time with her family

3131701 How about fuck yes?

3132800 I don't like my dad either, but I'd still stick around to tell him exactly what I thought of him. And surely there's someone who cares about Dream Land. To me, everything just looks wrong. Everything about it seems fake. But, like I said, I'm done arguing. I shouldn't have even commented on here.

Oh, and apology not accepted. I'm not in the best of moods right now, in case you couldn't tell.

3132206 That's still only weeks. Stage 4 still takes its sweet-ass time.

If she's going to leave you under the guise of sudden super-cancer, then A. she'd better get her story straight, and B. maybe she doesn't value your friendship as much as you think, and maybe you shouldn't either.

3132814 I'm done. I've had enough of fighting. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone :ajsleepy:

3132080 That was from five months ago. And there was a drought of attention and rallying for it, as far as I could tell, right up until now. So clearly it wasn't that vital until she wanted the spotlight.

3132828 She still showed signs of depression over them though.

I'm not arguing, or starting one. I'll just stay away from the subject

I don't wish to start a comment war, so if you wish to ignore this, then please do

Anyone here actually know that she had lung cancer before? She thought she beat it, but apparently it takes 10 years with no symptoms for cancer to be considered cured...now, I don't know how these cancer procedures work, but for all we know she might've have stopped treatment for a few weeks thinking it was gone, only for it to escalate back up...the only one who actually knows what is going on is dream land, whether she be here or not

I went to see my doctor, and he said there was no hope.

So I went to see my necromancer, and he said there was a ritual that would do it, involving sacrifices and a buttload of magical energy.

Guys, I... I'm going to be undead soon. I go in for my lich treatment next week. Hail the dark gods.

Comments plz, kthxbai.

Be sure to keep your phylactery in a secure location and don't tell anyone where it is.

Oh, no worries -- that was in both the pamphlet they gave me and the required patient seminar.

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