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The Week Ahead · 6:10pm Jun 7th, 2015

Hello, there everyone; it's me Fireflower once more with feeling and with a new announcement: for those who had been staying with me, I have been going on hiatus infrequently due to fighting battles at college, and by fighting, I mean struggling to keep my head above the water since the start of the new year. As much as the new year has happened to sound promising at first glance, it has left me with some trace of anxiety and suspicion; well, I gotten proven right on that end so let me elaborate on what I mean: it seems that I had allowed my exploits to get in the way of things with schoolwork and, on some occasions, yard work. Not saying that it's a bad thing but I guess I should pace myself and start getting focused; anyways, this post should serve as a update to tell you what I am behind on and how far I've came: since that I'm here and a month short of an anniversary, let's begin.

First, my first multiple chapter FIMfic, Ocular Spectral Therapy, has been finally finished after six months worth of writing that should have been done in over half the amount of time spent on our dearest Applejack. During that framework in question, I had started doing a collaborative crossover story with an acquaintance over the net that you've become already aware of since the start of the new year and published an adaptation of a clop comic I found over the internet back in the following month afterwards. Back on target, the story thereof still up there in its fully completed and updated form as of now but be on the lookout: there's a possibility that I'll publish a bonus chapter to that story in due time when I get around to it; in addition, I'll probably post some sort of a guide to sum up the events that had unfolded in the chapters on Google docs.

Next on the list is what the future will bring in my announcement: as said before in my previous paragraph of typing, I'm still working on the other multiple chapter story as of this moment with some help as usual; of course, this implicitly implies that I'm going to keep writing soon. In any case, I suppose that starting July, I'll go write up another adaptation of a clop comic that I hope you'll be able to enjoy even as the days start to get hotter and heavier than before; I'll give you one clue thought: it's gonna be a throwback to the fun and happy times of the past in contrast the certain stories that have made it onto my roster. In addition, I'll start posting a sequel to Ocular Spectral Therapy in December as soon I finish what I get done in writing past the first half of the whole story before the month even begins and here's what will go done in there: if you thought that Applejack's sanguinary struggle was bad enough as it is, then you haven't seen anything even worse than she had gone through; however, all that you can do now is wait for it.

Lastly, this matter at hand will be a bit darker but not without a silver quill lined sparkle of hope in the mix: earlier today, I had came across Grey Sentinel's blog that contained a link to a YouTube video I'd already watched about the troubles that an individual is facing at the time. I'd never truly imagined frequently how far this was going and how it resonates with the pain that MrEnter had described in his journal recently but it seems that the truth is sad and shocking as it is since it reflects what's going on around the world and across the country. Nevertheless, it's of utmost importance that these issues are brought into a whole new light and to keep the people informed of them by spreading the word to others as well; in doing so, there's a strong chance this nightmare of an ongoing story will end peacefully as possible.

Thanks for your reading and consideration; I do hope that we get to meet again soon: this is Fireflower signing off for now.

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