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I put out fires, write stories, other fun stuff in between too~

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  • 197 weeks

    Hey kids, so, as I'm an EMT and my pay is absolute crap, I'll be needing money to save for my trip to Everfree Northwest 2018!
    With that, I will be offering writing commissions soon! Prices will be posted if there's enough interest and all will be posted on my FiMFiction with your name on it! You'll also get your own copy too~

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  • 202 weeks

    I come back to 700 notifications. Granted, it's been nearly a year since I last checked in. A lot has changed. 1.) Most of my stories are gonna be on permanent hiatus or cancelled while I continue my classes to become a Paramedic. Thank you to each and every one of you who supported me and read my stupid old fics while I was away. I'm not going anywhere so I'd be happy to read over and possibly

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  • 250 weeks
    An Announcement (Please Read)

    Well It's been some time since I've last been seen on here but I'm still alive and well, albeit barely so.

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  • 283 weeks
    Happy Birthday

    Today is my 18th birthday and I signed myself up for the National Guard when I graduate. Thanks to all my pals for the B-Day wishes. New chapters coming out soon!

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  • 284 weeks
    So this happened...

    Thank you so much! One of my favorite writers likes my story!!!!

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Reading Messed Up shit and talking about ponies: Livestream · 2:26am Jun 7th, 2015

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