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>Polymath-in-training, in US Army, enthusiast of adorable, certified meme and edgelord.

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Derp.wtf · 12:51am Jun 7th, 2015

SCHOOL'S OUT BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage::rainbowlaugh:

Also I cleared out my SAT, which means I'M FUCKING DONE!!!
I have next year though, but that mostly consists of extracurriculars and stuff that actually seems useful. (I'm going in 12th grade next year btw, live in U.S)
Another thought; a friend of mine recently gave me a compelling piece of advice: Quit thinking so much and fucking do it. The reason I say this is because I have a tendency to dedicate a metric fuckton of complex thought to important actions.
This is... mostly useless, I ruminate too much on thought forms that I won't even remember, and I exhaust myself overthinking certain things, not leaving any energy to actually DO stuff.
I have summer, a fuckton of time to get things done, and boy do I want to do a lot....

I have an audacious desire to become a creative polymath,(as like a lifestyle thingy), to have the power to create anything. Say, writing, music, art, 3rd dimensional constructs, things like that. I have many ideas for creation and I have been thinking about a certain kind of universe for two years nonstop now, I'm certain many of us do the same...
Of course, my skills in the areas are still entry level, but I SHALL RISE!!!!!
(many active creatives now-a-days seem to already be polymaths on some level, it in human nature to be a polymath, so it may or may not be a moot point.)

Also, I need to take a break from MLP for a bit, I'm not entirely sick of it, I sure as hell don't want to leave, but its kinda the same thing as listening to a song over and over again, or eating a fuckton of ice cream. (Well in my case, I was actually skimming the ice cream) and getting sick of the superficial flavor, (the superficial flavor is entirely my fault, but I won't go into too much detail anymore.

Also I guess this is my first, "for real" blog of sorts.

huh.. *deep breath*
just let all that go away...

Ill use these to dump anything I give a damn about, or to go on philosophical musings about things.

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