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A Follower's alt account. An alt of an alt, I guess you could say.

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    Anyone want to join a skype conversation?

    Right now, it's just me and two other people. We're just sort of talking about whatever.

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    Knighty's butt

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Huh · 3:33pm Jun 6th, 2015

The dates on blog posts are purple now. Interesting. And you can tag blog posts now? What? I'mma go try it, even though I have no idea how it works.

But how did you all find me?

Report June · 207 views · #Question
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Comments ( 4 )

The unicycle riding monkey showed me you

3127187 Well I know how you found me.

3127189 yeah the unicycle riding monkey

Saw you in some comment section, decided to check out your profile, found out who you were

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