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Gentleman's Gift: Chapter 4 Published · 7:41pm Jun 5th, 2015

So, yeah. Gentleman's Gift Chapter 4 is published. Enjoy.

Grandma just came out of surgery. Long journey ahead before she can walk. Kittens are getting big, and are rampaging all over the place. Had to buy an extra litter box because they did their business on the couch.

That's all for now. Later guys.

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Comments ( 5 )

First Your Human and You updates last night before I go to bed, then this story updates as I get home from work today?!

Tis a good day to read! :pinkiehappy:

Kittens can be viscous little buggers. Be sure to keep this with you.

For safety.


Yeah, good one too. And now that I've moved to the better clumping litter, they are behaving back to normal when it comes to doing their business. They are growing up too fast for my tastes. They are already raiding the adult hard food, mostly because the adults were also eating their wet food. So I gave in and started giving them kitten kibbles, the best I could get that had mostly meats. Adults are eating those too. :ajbemused:

One day, I'll probably buy the one without grains, just to ensure they grow right.


This one seems to work better.


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