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Kkat Right Now · 3:38pm Jun 3rd, 2015

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I'd say that's a lot of us right now! :rainbowlaugh: Took 'em long enough!

Never was a fan of FoE, but damn I had a joygasm when I saw that trailer.

Didn't make it past #1, myself. I mean, I enjoyed it and all, but I couldn't quite see the fuss.

Truer words have never been said.:rainbowlaugh:

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I poked around in 3 briefly on the 360 and it didn't thrill me; I have New Vegas on PC that I've yet to try. I like the idea of the world, I just haven't had it grab me yet...

I have been waiting for the sequel for YEARS and its finally ready, and I already have a pre-order lined up

The book was better. :coolphoto:

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