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I do nothing of merit. On occasion, I give the impression of being creative, but this is a deception. I am merely derivative in clever ways.

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For my 100th blog... just some story updates · 6:18am Jun 1st, 2015

I bet you thought my 100th blog would be something special like a huge review project or something.

But guess what?

I'm way too disorganized for something like that.

Instead, I've finally updated my story info box on my user page. Here's the updated info.

To Be The King - I'm going to be rewriting the first chapter thoroughly and doing some edits on the current ones before moving on to Chapter 4 (Twilight: Rising Threat). No timetable here. [Teen] [Gore] [Adventure] [Dark] [Human]

Competition and Companionship is getting an expanded rewrite. I'm currently still working on plotting out the expansion and looking for how to improve the existing work. [Teen] [Adventure] [Romance]

Stories below this line aren't active projects, but are things I intend to work on sooner rather than later.

Home Sweet Home — Abducted by slavers and stranded in a faraway land by a shipwreck, Golden Harvest struggles to make her way back to Ponyville. [Teen] [Adventure]

Get Lost! — Trixie accidentally teleports herself and Rainbow Dash into the middle of the Everfree Forest. As they search for a way out, they find themselves enjoying each other's company. [Teen] [Adventure] [Romance]

Royal Affairs (Working title, kinda want a better one) — In the wake of the teleportation incident, Celestia must dissuade Twilight from her romantic notions, while Luna tries to find a way to reveal her true identity to her own secret love — who is less than fond of nobility. A sequel to Passing the Time [Teen] [Romance] [Slice of Life]

Music of the Night — Batponies are returning and seeking their place in Equestrian society. For Thamyris, that place is on the stage. But faced with distrust, sabotage, and the prospect of performing a romantic solo before the Princess of the Night herself, there's no telling if he'll even make it to opening night. (Happens concurrently with Royal Affairs.) [Teen]

Van Pinkie — What's this? A bat-winged pony has suddenly appeared in Ponyville and begun wooing Rarity? Pinkie Pie knows a vampony when she sees one, and with Spike's assistance, they'll save their friend from the predations of this unnatural creature. Or she might have completely misunderstood the situation. That happens, sometimes. (Related to Music of the Night, but not a proper sequel.) [Everyone] [Comedy] [Romance] [Slice of Life]

Princess and Mistress — Twilight and Fluttershy are in a relationship, and exploring their roles, particularly sexual ones. This tends to involve bondage and dominance games, to the enjoyment of all involved. (Likely going to be turned into a few clop anthology chapters.) [Mature] [Sex] [Romance] [Slice of Life]

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