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    crawls out of my well

    hello. i am working on the next chapter of iwpft, if anyone is still actively waiting after uhhhh a. year. god help you if you're waiting for updates on one of my older fics bc well! good luck.

    anyways. i wanted to show off my latest horse art wip. you should check out my da! i actually like. post on there.

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    im terrible at updates. whoops. i wasnt prepared for this will just be an update a year forever and anon and thats just what has to be accepted

    if you like wings of fire though im slightly better at updating my fanfiction for that

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    my blog detailing how a user of this site tried to take sexual advantage of me as a child is worth removing, but the user who actually did it can stay i guess. wonderful

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    I forgot just how many story ideas I had going, to be perfectly honest. (Wish I had that kind of motivation now - hopefully it comes back with practice!) Which stories have been your favorites? Anything you'd like to see rewritten / completed?

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More Season 3 Speculation [Spoilers referenced] · 11:50pm Jul 20th, 2012

In the second teaser song (crystal ponies), before the song starts for real, Twilight mentions that "Cadence's magic won't last forever". Now, there is always the angle that Hasbro is reminding us that Alicorns are not immortal, and simply live for a long time.

My view on this, is that an Alicorns' magic is derived from their power. Cadence will then either lose her powers or die when her power source runs out. "But love is everywhere!" You think? Cadence only discovered the power of love with Shining Armor's help. So, when her partner passes on, she will also. (This also explains why Celestia and Luna have lived so long; their powers are related to two celestial bodies)

This could mean that Twilight knows her brother will die, and the sudden admittance may mean that he is in danger or sick, and only the crystal ponies can help, whether it be an artifact or a ransom situation (although the latter seems out of canon)

So yeah. I should be doing something else.

Have some cute:

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... lots of thinking stuff there

also that gif is cute!

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