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Major Brony. I Play Roblox Allot... Ummm What Else Oh Yea Wuv Creepy Pastas Ummm Wanna be An Animator...Have 78 words left ok i live in Alaska...Tahst all

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  • 415 weeks

    SAY GOOD BAI TO THIS ACCOUNT! Since the passwords gone and shit xP just go to midnight Delecents c;


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  • 418 weeks
    Please stop

    Can you please stop telling me thank you for faving your story?

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  • 419 weeks
    Switching to MidnightDelecents

    I will be switching to fimfiction account MidnightDelecents... Mainly cause this account is only for my iPad and I don't have the password and cannot reset it cause the email is no longer.

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  • 435 weeks
    Suck at spelling

    I suck at spelling important things XD

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  • 435 weeks
    Yep im Buckded

    Yea I don't remember my password sooo Yea

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Suck at spelling · 1:46am May 27th, 2015

I suck at spelling important things XD

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Hmm...you say you suck at spelling "important things" even though, you spelled it perfectly. Just...what?

3369554 No like.... Spelling bees, When somebody tells you to spell it XD

3369810 to spell "it"? You did that too.

3369810 also, I didn't know bees could spell

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