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Major Brony. I Play Roblox Allot... Ummm What Else Oh Yea Wuv Creepy Pastas Ummm Wanna be An Animator...Have 78 words left ok i live in Alaska...Tahst all

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  • 350 weeks

    SAY GOOD BAI TO THIS ACCOUNT! Since the passwords gone and shit xP just go to midnight Delecents c;


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  • 352 weeks
    Please stop

    Can you please stop telling me thank you for faving your story?

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  • 354 weeks
    Switching to MidnightDelecents

    I will be switching to fimfiction account MidnightDelecents... Mainly cause this account is only for my iPad and I don't have the password and cannot reset it cause the email is no longer.

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  • 370 weeks
    Suck at spelling

    I suck at spelling important things XD

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  • 370 weeks
    Yep im Buckded

    Yea I don't remember my password sooo Yea

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Yep im Buckded · 1:36am May 27th, 2015

Yea I don't remember my password sooo Yea

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