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What would you guys even want to hear me talk about? · 10:56pm May 25th, 2015

I've been invited to a con! I won't say which one in case it's a little bit taboo to say this stuff while still discussing things with the people who run it.

Long story short. There is not a goddamn chance of me making it to America to go to a con on such short notice. Mainly because A) I'm broke. (Well, not broke, but a return airfare alone is two motherfucking grand, I checked) And B) I don't have a visa.

Buuuuut they asked me if I wanna do a livestream event for them during the writer's panel! :pinkiecrazy: and also mentioned something about a panel of my own like... teaching something or ranting about something I'm passionate about.

Things I'm passionate about: Changelings are really really really stupidly cute. Rainbow Dash is really really really stupidly cute. Iced Coffee is like, god's gift to insomniacs and night owls. And beyond that, nothing!

So what would you guys want to hear from an anonpeg in the form of a panel? Are my viewpoints even really that interesting? Do any of you even care?

I mean, it would be nice if I could teach something about writing, but going to me asking for help writing is like asking the guy who built the Leaning tower if Pisa for tips on building. Sure, I got the basics down good enough, but you're still building upon a really bad foundation. And wow did that comparison work on so many levels! :pinkiecrazy:

So, anyway, if any of you have good ideas, throw them at me, please!

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Comments ( 17 )

I'd listen, cause I'm curious what you'd want to talk about, favourite episodes, how the characters appeals to you stuff like that. :)


That's what I call you every time I mention you at all because your goddamn username is soooooo long,

But in relation to the blog, talk about changelings.

If you think you can make a few thoughts about Changelings somehow being able or unable to mimic bipedal mammals also known as Homo Sapiens or have any thoughts on hive mind theories vs individual changeling mind theories and finally can provide a link to the stream, then I promise you right here and now: If it's within my daily cycle that I'm awake in, you'll have another viewer. This fandom needs to voice more interest about the pony-bugs and maybe this interest will sound a loud !$$$KA-CHING$$$! in the ears of Hasbro.

Conclusion: Rainbow Dash is a changeling.

No, this is totally not affirming the consequent.

I'm guessing that its probably EverfreeNW, as it is coming up in ~4 days.

I kinda just wanna see what you look like :P
Other than that, I agree with 3097431 .

Talk about the life of a famous horse wordser person. And explain the darkest of memes.

I'm joking around of course, I won't see it anyway :(

How is writing MLP fics different from writing general furry fiction? As a writer, do you approach it differently, given that the characters and setting are already established for your audience? How do those constraints affect your writing (good/bad/indifferent)?

How do you approach writing for a character with an established voice? How do you play into (or subvert) the preconceived ideas your readers may already have about the characters and setting?

What differences have you noticed in the comments and responses from your readers in this fandom (again, compared to furry or other fandoms), and how has that influenced your writing?

Most people usually think of 'cute' as a visual trait. Do you have any tips on making a character cute in a story? How can you take something that might not seem cute at first glance (changelings?) and make them cute?

3098503 Could also be mlp-msp, which is happening in just a couple weeks now. I'm going to be there, wearing my alien hat like always.

I'd be interested in hearing about how you deal with over-exposure to other people's writings. I know that the show-staff aren't allowed to read into or watch too much of what the fandom creates, but do fanfiction authors try to read less of other's writings while working on a story? Even as a reader I sometimes get confused from just how much concurrent stories I'm following, when I'm following dozens of stories at once each updating randomly in different orders it gets hard for me to keep each of their going-ons separate in my head.

If you do read into other's writings as you work on your own stories, does it effect your creative process too much? And if it does, do you think it's a good thing to do?

Your fascination with plump cunnies?

...that probably goes against Con rules though, so...


talk about changelings

Pretty much this.

Teach us the ways of the bug-pones~
Or in other words, talk about your interest in writing and how you personally view changelings.

(...) asking the guy who built the Leaning tower if Pisa for tips on building.

I'd totally do that, actually. He was tasked with building a tower. He did. Whoever picked the spot (most likely wasn't him), screwed up. But even then, the building still stands and didn't fall apart despite being at an angle all the time. Solid work, if you ask me.

You could always compare that to your writing skills. You write a fic and something goes wrong, but the fic still holds together despite those issues. :P

Also, yes, you can just talk about changelings. I adore them as well. :3

I'd like to hear you talk about the awesomeness of alpacas! :rainbowwild:

remind me again where your from if the flight to USA is 2K

3099467 wow... Down under... Well if you don't want to spend 2 did a quick search and I can find 1k if not direct. Would love to be at the con but I plan usa cons next year. Finishing my 6 euro cons in 12months soon

Mmmmm...Iced coffee.

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