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I am a student of economics,history and biology. I've come here to produce my seminal work Draconomachi. I hope to complete a and have it edited and posted somewhere it'll get noticed.

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    Spike's Caudal Nucleus and a Dragon's natural HyperThymesia

    Here are some medical terms required to understand some dialogue that'll be coming at the end of "The Wyrm Has Turned"

    The caudate nucleus is a nucleus located within the basal ganglia of the brains of many animal species. The caudate nucleus is an important part of the brain's learning and memory system.

    Learning and memory

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    Join me in Google Docs! the plot thickens

    I'm putting together the beginnings of my bildungsroman story!

    That'll lead into Draconomachi!

    The part you are about to read is the opening frame story that leads to the narrative of Spikes life up to his 22 year.

    *If I'm not on you can leave comments to show me problems or concerns or confusion*


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    A Pony Nightmare Spurs me to Write

    I've focusing on school and writing less than usual,but I just took a nap and had a freakish pony nightmare.

    It was mostly incoherent but it both disturbed and entertained me.

    I now am back online and writing. I can take this short break from school work.

    here's the closest thing that I can use to describe the nightmare.

    It's terrifying,I know

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    Literature vs Fiction and WRITER'S BLOCK! RAWR!

    I'm quitting work to write ponies.....

    LOL Jk.

    I'm resigning from work because schools starting up again and my schedule is wholly incompatible.

    but I will have some days off before classes that will be conducive to writing.

    now where was I?

    oh yes:

    Fiction is any work portraying imaginary characters and events, as a novel, story, or play.

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Spike's resentment of Rarity & 60 followers! · 11:23pm Jul 19th, 2012

In my upcoming prelude, Spike has a growing resentment towards Rarity for her patience and sacrifice in the face of his increasing violence.

I think this will work as a strong point to push Spikes' descent into irrational self-loathing.

what are your thoughts?

have questions?



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Comments ( 20 )

I care Magnum, I do.

Anyways, why would he show resentment? Wouldn't he be appreciative of her handling his draconic nature so well?

239089 well...it's not that simple. When you harm someone you love and they just smile and bear it comes off as them enabling you to hurt them, especially in Spikes case where he is blames himself for what he cannot control.

Dunno about the 'irrational' self-loating part, actually.
Spike is a pretty smart guy, all things considered, and I think it'd be all the more poignant if he realized what was going on, the psychological processes involved and all that, and it's rational self-loathing. He just can't help it because of instincts and the like, which adds in the bitter taste of being nothing more than a weak-willed piece of scum that hurts the one person said piece of scum holds dear.
Slight exageration from what would be Spike's perspective, but then again, not really. In the throngs of passion, one comes to hate oneself quite promptly.

Or so I believe, anyway.

hmm...good point...it's not so simple to sum up in words.


You know I'm excited to read it!


60 followers? I remember when I had more followers than you.

Good job!!!:pinkiehappy:



But How? You wrote way more than I did!


239209 well, I haven't really written this summer, and you keep people interested with facts about the Draconomachi universe in your blog posts.


:moustache: it'd be more interesting if I actually updated faster.


trust me you don't want wanna see what I've got down it's ugly as all get out.

I'll slip you a bit of the first paragraph...later on tonight.

239364 Ok... and teh money will be deposited in your account... but you didn't hear it from me...

Spike hating Raruty? Sign me up, SIGN ME UP NOW!!!! And in the words of Sweetie Belle from the CMC....."YES!" :ajsmug:


It was never meant to be easy, but then again, it's the kind of subject you can REALLY expand upon xD
The inner turmoils of a character is perhaps the easiest thing to expand upon, imo.
If only pages and pages of psychological description didn't get old after a while, it'd be way easier to write, heh.

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