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Inferno demon Dash

Showing you the darker, more realistic side of MLP in my writing. Smoking, swearing and being a bastard, but that's nothing new with me. Got a cigarette?

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  • 92 weeks
    New idea.

    I have an idea for a slice of life, maybe comedy and romance story with Fluttershy and Spike working for Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie, rated teen for swearing, smoking and maybe drinking as the two work for different goals, experience or even more in Spike's case and money, naturally. The romance is Discord/Pinkie and Spike/Gabby.

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  • 95 weeks

    Hey everyone, I'm back. Just watched season eight and nine plus the movie and I have to say, I really liked it. Some parts made me laugh really hard and the final fight was insane for MLP at least.

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  • 194 weeks
    Professional Artist?

    Any really good artists in the fandom? I have a few custom cover arts I want made and I have the money if you have the time and patience. Keep in mind I'm very detailed but will take consideration to your words to changes and such, naturally you'll be credited and given a link to your profile on top of being paid.

    Let me know the price and if you would be willing to negotiate or not.

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    Apple Bloom/Rumble Aid?

    What's up everyone? So I have an idea for an Apple Bloom/Rumble one-shot in my head.

    Problem is as much as I love the Apple family, I'm terrible at writing them. So I was wondering if anyone who knows how to write any of the Apple family would mind helping me out and co-authoring with me on this one-shot?

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  • 199 weeks
    Four Hundred!

    Holy bucking shit, it took me five years but this is still a very, very big deal for me. Thank you everyone so much for four hundred followers, I'm very excited and I feel like I should do something to celebrate. Ideas?

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New Idea · 12:54am May 22nd, 2015

New story, can't talk now, need to write....it's a Discord/Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie love triangle with a dash of Spilight (naturally) for those wondering.

It will be rated mature, there will be sex and some swearing, nothing like my old stories and for once no cigarettes though Spike will be older so maybe an AU tag and I'll do everything I can to keep them in character, promise. Think of it like an actually done right version of Betrayal of a dragon, if this goes right.

Here's to hoping, you all in?

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Comments ( 22 )

Guessing by this it seems you got your groove back in the game man... Oh the story yeah sounds good knowing Discord its going to be chaotic

I do my brother, thanks for always standing by my side, can't wait to see your updated stories and hope you are feeling better, this is going to be fun.

3086881 yeah my stories won't be updated for a while but let's leave it to that...

3086919 sure so do you want anything else to talk about?

3086975 just good got a job as a office man here in my mom's company and I'm just killing time because I'm already done all the files

3086987 That's awesome my brother, I'm proud of you, best of luck, seriously.

3087060 of course I'm thinking of a good name for a demon/evil spirit who attacks a person by mind raping them (he makes one's darkest memory appear in the person's mind and putting it into a loop until the lose their sanity) care to give me a good name for this villain? I intend to put him in Dragon Undefeated

3087100 that name sounds dark and menacing... I like it where did you get it?

3087106 I just looked up Greek gods lol.

Cool. Looking forward to reading it. Will Tree Hugger be involved?

3087337 Impressive, you like Greek methodology? By any chance then your gogonna like Shin Mazinger Z

3087417 I believe and worship the Greek and Roman gods and I heard of that show.

3087416 The high as hell pony. I doubt it.

3087525 Greek mythology + giant ass robots= pure awesomeness!

3087528 Ah, but she's so funny. There was actually a post on MLP Forums about whether or not she was a stoner. I wouldn't be surprised if someone wrote a songfic of "Because I Got High" where Tree Hugger introduces Fluttershy to LSD and weed.

I'm with you.

3089339 Thank you my brother. Always been there for me so you know I got your back.

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