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unbanned. · 12:09am May 21st, 2015

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Sorry, but why were you banned?

3084228 Don't worry, it was self imposed. I just wanted to get some writing done on a few projects.

3084231 Oh, alright. :twilightsmile:

3084240 How have you been, though?

3084244 Fine. Did you hear about Eris?

3084416 Oh. Never even heard of the guy to be completely honest. But, if he was blasting people's religion, he should have known the !moderators would've been doing some damage control.

You've never seen a user with "H Discordia" at the end of their name? He's the one who started the whole craze.

3084449 Nope. Should I have?

3084459 They've been all over the place for months! Searching "H Discordia" brings up 250+ results, and that's not even including the "E Harmonia"s and other, smaller families. How have you not noticed them?

3084481 Wow, really? You're telling me there are 250 people with the same name?

Literally why?

3084491 That's the thing: It's incredibly stupid. Hence why I didn't change my username. But hey, the Internet, am I right?

3084520 Yep.
Anyways, did I see one of your stories in the feature box recently?

3084556 Wat? :rainbowderp: Which are you referring to? Mother and I?

3084571 Featured box or popular box?

3084574 Thought I saw it in the Feature one of these days, but it could have been Popular.

3084582 I really doubt it was featured.

3085177 ur a pretty good riter. i dont see why not

3089340 It only has 17 upvotes.

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