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Fic recs, May 20th · 5:18pm May 20th, 2015

Technology is driving me nuts right now. :( Is anyone here highly familiar with the nuts and bolts of Windows 7 and/or 8?

I did a reading of Ambion’s poem Racing Thoughts!

Anytime I add more to my list of story collections, I try to go through them again. (Also because I'm reading and listening to two long fics.) I’m up to 20 right now, though I’ll be finishing a couple in this pass-through, at least. I didn’t make it all the way through this time for whatever reason, but it’ll happen. :B Meanwhile, you can hit below the belt for reviews of Bonafide by Sharp Spark, Cold in Gardez's Wonder, and a whole bunch of other shortfics.

H: 2 R: 6 C: 3 V: 0 N: 0

It’s Like Celestia Pissing in Your Mouth by eLLen
Genre: Episode Followup
Rainbow Dash causes a stir with an uncensored comment after the Gala.
Wouldn’t you know it, last night (as I write this), someone on Skype posted this link with the prognostication that it would go straight into the featured box, and right now, the morning of Monday the 18th, that’s precisely where it is. Kinda couldn’t pass it up, given the title. Kiiiinda wish I had. Okay, it’s not that bad, but it’s fairly rushed and there’s an obvious point where the joke kind of ran out but the author still had to end the story. Still, the worst I can say about it is talking heads. Well, and it’s entirely predicated on gross-out humor. It sort of does and does not take that too far, fair warning. Much as I had to stop in the middle and yell, “WHAT AM I READING?” this was at least entertaining, if a little… odd.
Recommended If You Don’t Mind Gross-Out Humor

Bonafide by Sharp Spark
Reading (part 1) by Goombasa
Genre: Changeling Fic
Lyra’s relationship with Bon-Bon was going great, until Bon-Bon came to Ponyville.
It’s obvious from the end of chapter one, if not the cover art, that this is a changeling fic, and even the changeling’s identity isn’t up for grabs, so I’m hardly spoiling anything. What makes this compelling is the nuance woven into it. The changeling is a perfect centerpiece for a story about changes, in life and in relationships, the good kind and the bad. It looks at what makes relationships work, and what loving another person really means. It’s short, but it just packs in a ton of thematic permutation, and of course it’s a good LyraBon, even if one of them’s a changeling. This is the best changeling fic since Who We Are.
Highly Recommended

Wonder by Cold in Gardez
Genre: Character Piece
Pinkie really wants it to snow. Inky really wants her to get back to work.
This is a marvelous, whimsical piece that really dives into Pinkie’s character. We see her as a filly on the rock farm, annoying her older sister (remember when Maud wasn’t a thing?) by just being herself. It’s a stark look at how much she didn’t fit in with her family’s life, not to mention things like what isolation does to tribal harmony. It’s extremely economical with its word usage, and everything just pops off the page. A really excellent little work, this is!
Highly Recommended

The Apple Queen by Esle Ynopemos
Genre: Comedy
I wish the author hadn’t included the prompt at the top, because it telegraphs the joke. And while this is just a short joke at Applejack’s expense, I always find those funny, and this is no exception. :)

Nightmare by Benman
Genre: Adventure
What if Pinkie had dreamt of Nightmare Moon’s return?
This is interesting, but the idea was to write an epic in 500 words, so it feels really underexecuted. The writing is decent, at least, and it’s hardly going to be a waste of time, but I think this concept is screaming for a longer story.
Recommended as Light Reading

Closure by FanOfMostEverything
Genre: Emotional
She has known them their whole lives, and seen those lives wasted. She’s tired of it.
For god’s sakes, do not read ahead in this story! Keep your scroll under control! It's worth it.

Nothing to Worry About by Chris
Genre: Light Comedy
Derpy gets sick.
What this all comes down to is Dinky’s reaction to seeing her mother retching violently into the toilet. It’s completely unexpected and completely hilarious. This isn’t Chris’s best shortfic, but that twist alone makes it worth reading.

A Tight Spot by Pascoite
Genre: Not What It Seems
Honestly, the genre tag should tell you everything you need to know. This is a good example of this sort of story, consistently funny and continually one-upping itself until the reveal at the end.

On Alicorn Fiction by horizon
Genre: Writing About Writing
Twilight asks Celestia to speak at the first meeting of her new writer’s group and is floored by the response.
I’m not sure how much I believe the idea presented here in the context of Celestia’s character, but this does present an exciting discussion of why we write. And then it turns into some comedy at Celestia’s expense, of the sort I tend to enjoy. A nice, short read.
Recommended If You Like Thinking About Why We Write

Hug by Titanium Dragon
Genre: Comedy
The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to figure out what their sisters are up to.
This is great. And I’m not just saying that because Rarijack. This is how the CMCs should be written: excitable, childish, and constantly getting in each others’ way while causing trouble. The ending makes this even better. I laughed the whole way through.

AJ vs. the World by Wanderer D
Genre: Applejokes
Applejack and Big Macintosh have been voted Most Boring Ponies. Again.
Look, I invented a punny new genre tag for stories about jokes at Applejack’s expense, one of my favorite things! Anyway, this is a fantastic crackfic, meta as hell, as the author attempts to make Applejack more interesting. I know it’ll make some people angry, but I kind of don’t care. :V

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Comments ( 18 )

I read the piss story too. It's kind of hard not to with that name and a Tangerine tag.

I didn't really like it. It was cute initially, but the ending fell a little flat. It seemed like an idea that never really went anywhere. Besides, we never did discover exactly what Celes^M

Message me in Skype, PP, I'm pretty familiar with Windows 7/8.

You derped the last link. The AJ vs The World links to the RariJack story. You made me click on a Mane-Six Shipping story. I now hate you.

Thanks for the kind words, PP! :twilightblush:

I work for Microsoft, I also can help!

There are some high-quality bite-sized horsewords here. Also mine. :derpytongue2:

Hah, I read Bonafide once and I know I enjoyed it, because I put it in a bookshelf. Yet now I can't remember it... guess I'll have to read it again. :yay:

Author Interviewer

I think you'll hate me if you read AJ vs. the World anyway, but it's fixed now. :B

Do I have you on Skype?

3083636 Yup, sent you a contact request

Glad Dinky sold you on Nothing to Worry About! And thanks for the reviewlette, as always.

Glad to see you liked Hug! And glad to see you liked Bonafide as well; I'm not sure if I've reviewed that story yet or not. It is a good one, though.

It is worth it. It is definitely a good story.

Author Interviewer



I post these in their finish order for each write-off, and I entered a ton in that one, so... you're in for quite a downhill slope until you hit the next batch.

Well, now that I look at it, you only have two left. The next one's not great. Then the last one I rather liked, but it did worst of the batch because people thought it was too graphic.

If you ask a specific question about windows 7, I might be able to answer it.

I think I've gotten more traffic from your "Recommended If You Like Thinking About Why We Write" than I have from some of your HRs. :duck:

Author Interviewer

I guess people like that! :O

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