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Good news for people who read things with their faces. · 1:16am May 20th, 2015

After much deliberation I have decided to stick things out and just finish Dragons Might here on fimfic. The other outlets I could have used to finish the story would have been far to cumbersome to make my readers deal with and Fimfic offers so much in terms of keeping up with stories you enjoy. I have the next chapter started up currently sitting at about 1k words and I'm going to be busting ass on it to try for a weekend release.

I realized that I've managed to drum up a faithful little viewership and it wouldn't be fair to all you guys who have stuck with the story and offered so much praise and kind words to just move the story to some remote website that you'd have to manually check for updates. So without any further adieu I'm knock back this bottle of grey goose and start hammering out the next chapter for all you lovely peoples.


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Comments ( 7 )

Glad to hear it! Can't wait for the update.

Thanks for continuing your story. Good luck.

I read with my face! :yay:
And awesome! This story is on my watch list. Glad to hear it's not going away!

(also, I'm behind. If you DID have this on another site, where would that have been?)

3082041 Probably Mediaminer.org I've been posting stuff on there since I was about 15, and I'm 26 now.

Oh sweet bejesus, I forgot that site existed. I never quite used it, then fanfiction.net got massive attention, then I sort of fell out of fanfiction until this place. There were a few others (besides Mediaminer) that I have forgotten though. I myself being 24 (username fooled ya huh? :derpytongue2: )

So, same username, different site? Also besides this one story here, is there anything else I should be on the lookout for on Miner? Or can I just stay safe and lazy here?

3082083 I mean if you are like REALLY into my work and want to read everything I've ever done I could hook you up with some links, but I personally like to pretend all the fanfic writing I did before I hit drinking age never happened. I personally can't bare to read more than a chapter or two of any of the shit I made before my twenties.

Fair enough. It was just that when you mentioned another site (and how you would update ADM here, thankfully) I thought maybe you were switching to there from here. In which case I was tempted to at least look at it in case you made more things worth keeping tabs on.

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