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  • 323 weeks
    [no title]

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  • 394 weeks
    Left a civilian returned an Airman

    Well I'm back...
    It feels so strange to use a phone after 2 mouths of not touching one. it feels so great to have some freedom again!!
    But anyway I'm now in tech school learning how to do my job. I will be in tech school for about 4 1/2 months. So during the days I will be really busy but from 1730 - 2200 feel free to chat with me.

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  • 404 weeks
    Basic Training

    I Leave for basic training this Monday.
    i will be back around the beginning of January.

    I am extremely nervous but im sure i will be fine.
    its funny i will be in basic for the whole holiday season.
    I'm going to be spending thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and My birthday!! all in basic training XD

    so wish me luck, i will miss all you guys and gals XD

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  • 407 weeks
    My art is being used!! XD

    BronyOnABudget used my 3D model of Twilight's Crown in one of their pictures.
    I am quite honored actually. I have never had anyone ask to use one of my picture before XD

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  • 412 weeks
    Nurse Redheart needs our help!!

    Bronies For Good are asking all bronies to go to a local Blood Drive and donote.
    Nurse Redheart can always use more blood.
    so take some time to help somepony out.

    here is the link for more info: Nurse Redheart's Round-Up

    those that donate get their names put in to win a prize!!!

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